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Flexible SD-WAN helps Getinge build a resilient cloud-based infra

Getinge, a leading global supplier of medical technology products and systems, chose Orange Business Services to deploy a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN). The solution has supported the Sweden-based multinational’s network performance, while increasing security and supporting its cloud-first strategy.

Flexible SD-WAN from Orange Business Services has helped Getinge build a resilient, secure cloud-based infrastructure that tackles moving business challenges in an unpredictable marketplace. (Photo: Business Wire)

The Orange Flexible SD-WAN solution connects more than 100 Getinge sites globally, simplifying the management and operation of its infrastructure. Additionally, the network provides flexibility, scalability and end-to-end visibility, improving both the user and customer experience.

Due to the global pandemic, Getinge has adapted parts of its production and support models related to the production of advanced ventilators and associated devices. Flexible SD-WAN enabled the company to better support rapid changes in the marketplace and fully support its increasingly distributed workforce. Orange also provides cloud and internet security.

SD-WAN: an essential tool for a cloud-first strategy

A cloud-first strategy can impact the network. Flexible SD-WAN offers secure access to the cloud, enabling traffic to flow to the internet from the closest link. The Orange SD-WAN solution provides Getinge with efficient, secure and fully automated end-to-end network orchestration, from end-users to cloud-based applications at an attractive price-performance ratio.

“Flexible SD-WAN from Orange Business Services has helped us build a resilient, secure cloud-based infrastructure that lets us tackle moving business challenges in an unpredictable marketplace. Due to rapidly changing traffic patterns in the network we needed a future-proof solution that enabled us to effectively support the healthcare industry with devices they are most in need – both during the current pandemic and beyond,” said Ludovic Batal, CIO, Getinge.

“Getinge is on a strong transformational path with its SD-WAN infrastructure. We are pleased that the company chose Orange as its partner on this exciting journey in moving its operations to the cloud. Providing efficient, flexible and secure networking services is key to this transformation,” says Fabrice de Windt, senior vice president, Europe, Orange Business Services.

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