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FordDirect & ComplyAuto to Tackle Privacy & Security Needs

Leading Dealer-owned compliance and privacy tech startup to offer important compliance solutions to Ford and Lincoln Dealers in first manufacturer partnership

FordDirect, a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and its franchise Dealers, announced today a strategic partnership with the dealer-owned compliance technology ComplyAuto to assist Ford and Lincoln Dealers with the growing volume of privacy, security, and other regulatory compliance issues dealerships face. This partnership is the first that makes ComplyAuto dealership solutions available at special pricing to a single manufacturer’s entire dealer body. These solutions help dealerships protect and respect the consumer data they have.

With solutions focused on consumer data protection, state privacy legislation, phishing, ransomware, security awareness and more, ComplyAuto provides peace of mind to participating dealers looking to reinforce their existing cybersecurity and consumer privacy practices. Not only does the company promise a Compliance Guarantee to ensure total compliance with state consumer privacy laws, but its intuitive interface integrates with existing dealer systems and speaks the language dealership personnel use. Unique dealership problems demand unique dealership solutions and ComplyAuto’s purpose-built platform was engineered with this in mind.

“Consumer privacy and cybersecurity are issues that every dealership should take seriously,” said Chris Cleveland, co-founder and CEO, ComplyAuto. “Not only are they the dealership’s biggest legal exposure, but customers legitimately care about how dealerships handle and protect their personal information. Automating the complexities of consumer privacy rights is just beginning. The goal at ComplyAuto is to reimagine dealership compliance from customer contact to customer contract. We’re using automation and technology to become the ultimate dealership compliance partner.”

“As more states develop privacy rights laws to protect consumers, we realize the complexities dealerships face to stay in full compliance while marketing to shoppers in different states,” said Matt VanDyke, chief executive officer of FordDirect. “ComplyAuto is a perfect fit to help FordDirect usher dealerships through the evolution of these standards and enhance our focus on the consumer experience. Their roots are in a high-performing California Ford dealership, making them uniquely qualified to understand and build a dealer-focused solution. Coming from California, the home of the groundbreaking CCPA and now the CPRA, ComplyAuto has developed its mission and its solutions through real experience. ComplyAuto is not just any compliance company; it is by dealers and for dealers.”

As part of this strategic partnership with ComplyAuto, FordDirect will connect Ford and Lincoln Dealers (and their consumers) with this innovative new dealership compliance tech partner at special pricing. Information is being made available to Dealers in conjunction with this announcement.

FordDirect’s partnership with ComplyAuto comes just in time for October’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. To mark the occasion, FordDirect will host a live webinar panel discussion Thursday Oct. 14 with dealers and experts in privacy, security, and digital marketing in the automotive retail space. Already this fall, FordDirect has introduced on-demand cybersecurity and privacy training at no cost to Ford and Lincoln Dealers. This strategic partnership between ComplyAuto and FordDirect and the ongoing efforts in security and privacy support FordDirect’s mission to be Ford and Lincoln Dealers’ trusted advisor.

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