Frost & Sullivan Honors Virtualitics with 2024 Leadership Award

Company’s AI-Powered Analytics Platform Recognized for Outstanding Achievement in Decision Intelligence

Virtualitics, a leading provider of AI-driven data intelligence, today announced that it was awarded the 2024 Enabling Technology Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan. This award recognizes Virtualitics for applying its innovative AI technology in new ways that not only improve existing products but also significantly elevate the customer experience. Virtualitics is recognized for its innovative AI platform that transcends traditional data analytics, offering unique 3D visualization and predictive insights for enterprises and government entities. 

At the core of Virtualitics’ success is its no-code AI platform that not only efficiently navigates vast data sets but also illuminates them with intuitive, immersive visualizations and intelligent AI-powered applications. This approach addresses the critical challenge of decision paralysis caused by data overload, enabling clearer, faster, and more actionable insights.

“Virtualitics is reshaping how organizations utilize data, driving advancements with their user-centric and decision-making AI solutions,” said Kalyani Suraj Devrukhkar, Senior Research Analyst. “This accolade underlines Virtualitics’ role as a leader in the AI-driven analytical revolution, setting standards for the industry and demonstrating a profound impact on both public and private sectors.”

The Virtualitics platform goes beyond data analysis, focusing on creating an immersive experience in which users can interact with their data in a more intuitive and meaningful way. By offering both a no-code and customizable AI platform with advanced analytics and decision-making capabilities, Virtualitics ensures that these powerful tools are accessible to a broader range of users, and not just data scientists.

“This Frost & Sullivan award underscores Virtualitics’ leadership in AI-driven decision intelligence, highlighting our dedication to transforming complex data into clear, actionable insights,” said Dr. Ciro Donalek CTO and co-founder of Virtualitics. “Our platform democratizes AI, enabling users across sectors to make impactful decisions swiftly with confidence.”

Virtualitics stands out in the advanced AI analytics landscape by providing tools that seamlessly integrate robust data analysis capabilities with user-centric technology, fostering a deeper, more intuitive interaction with data. The platform’s unique capability to provide clear, understandable insights and its adaptability to mission-critical applications, particularly in defense and government sectors, sets it apart.

About the Frost & Sullivan Award

Frost & Sullivan’s Enabling Technology Leadership Award recognizes companies that apply their technology in new ways to improve existing products and services and elevate the customer experience. As part of the recipient selection process, Frost & Sullivan analysts independently evaluate the following criteria: Technology Leverage Commitment to Innovation, Commitment to Creativity, Stage Gate Efficiency, Commercialization Success, Application Diversity, Customer Impact Price/Performance Value, and Brand Equity.

About Virtualitics

Virtualitics, a leader in Explainable AI decision intelligence, transforms enterprise and government decision-making. Our AI-powered platform and applications are rooted in a decade of Caltech research, enhancing data analysis with interactive, understandable, and visually engaging AI tools. Trusted by governments and businesses, Virtualitics makes AI accessible, actionable, and transparent for analysts, data scientists, and leaders alike, driving significant business results. For more information, visit

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