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Gartner Features Cybersecurity Firm CyCraft in AI Market Guide

CyCraft is the only cybersecurity firm featured in the report.

CyCraft, a leading managed detection and response (MDR) provider based in Taiwan, has been identified as a Representative AI Startup in Gartner’s 2021 Market Guide for AI Startups, Greater China.

The Market Guide enables leadership worldwide to make better-informed decisions by providing an in-depth look into key focuses and use cases for AI technology, including natural language technology (NLT), computer vision (CV), machine learning (ML), and AI-enabled hardware, such as AI chips, drones, and autonomous vehicles.

According to Gartner, these 47 representative AI startups offer potential benefits to both China-based and global enterprises.

“Most enterprises do not have the resources or data scientists to build AI models. Meanwhile, large AI solution providers do not want to invest resources to customize models for individual customers, as it does not scale revenue. This provides AI startups opportunities to co-create new AI applications by working with enterprises, gaining business domain insights and relevant data. AI startups can also help clients to continue optimizing their models to support customers with effective AI solutions.”
Gartner, Market Guide for AI Startups, Greater China, 22 July 2021

Out of the 47 Representative AI Startups listed, seven are based in Taiwan, and five are based in Hong Kong. Only one of the 47 Representative AI Startups is focused on cybersecurity products and services—CyCraft. 

CyCraft MDR (Managed Detection and Response) Services leverage CyCraft AIR—an AI-powered digital forensics, threat detection and response platform designed by CyCraft Technology. CyCraft AIR specializes in malicious behavior detection and is capable of continuously monitoring and managing the cyber situation of even large-scale enterprises with hundreds of thousands of endpoints. CyCraft AIR is a scalable solution providing automated threat triage, auto-prioritized alerts, correlation analyses, and auto-investigations—enabling smart and strategic incident response.

“CyCraft strives for human-AI collaboration in cybersecurity. In two years, we developed and put into operation an innovative AI-powered SecOps platform, CyCraft AIR–effectively orchestrating endpoint telemetry, MITRE ATT&CK context, global threat intelligence for optimized situation awareness, and efficiently managing millions of endpoints from government and enterprise customers in the Asia-Pacific region.” — Benson Wu, CyCraft Founder & CEO

Earlier this year, CyCraft Technology released their report “Securing Small, Medium, and Large Orgs for the 2020s”. The report went into granular detail on SOC (security operation center) functions, SOC roles and responsibilities, SOC stressors, and how to model effective and efficient SOCs for small, medium, and large enterprises. The report also included research from Gartner on why midsize enterprises should embrace MDR providers.

Download your copy of “Securing Small, Medium, and Large Orgs for the 2020s” here.

Research and Markets calculated that “the MDR market generated 893.8 million USD in 2019 and is set to grow at a CGAR of 16.4% and reach 1,907.9 million USD by 2024”.

In their 2020 Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services, Gartner estimated that “by 2025, 50% of organizations will be using MDR services for threat monitoring and response functions that offer threat containment capabilities”.

“Due to the complexity, speed, and sophistication of modern business and modern cyber attackers, 100% prevention is impossible, so organizations have turned to a detection and response framework, which they are finding difficult to fully bring to fruition, so they are further seeking solutions despite the proliferation of in-house focused tools and vendors. Many organizations find that turning to MDR (managed detection and response) is the only solution that gets the results they need to fully address modern cyber threats.” — CyCraft, Securing Small, Medium, and Large Orgs for the 2020s, 22 December 2020

CyCraft customers can prevent cyber intrusions from escalating into business-altering incidents. From endpoint to network, from investigation to blocking, from in-house to cloud, CyCraft AIR covers all aspects required to provide small, medium, and large organizations with the proactive, intelligent, and adaptable security solutions to defend from all manners of modern threats with real-time protection and visibility across the organization.

In the past year, CyCraft outperformed all other MITRE ATT&CK® Evaluation vendors in Technique, Tactic, and General detections with zero configuration changes. CyCraft AIR and CyberTotal both received the Best of Show Grand Prize Award for Security Solutions at Interop Tokyo 2020; and CyCraft received 20+ 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence awards for categories like Managed Detection and Response, Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence. CyCraft is a proud member of FIRST, a premier organization for incident response security teams.

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