Gefen releasing the next generation of its proprietary AI engine


Gefen’s AI engine (GFN: ASX), the GQL (Genetically Qualitative Learner) merges data, expert intuition and machine capabilities. It takes the experience and expertise of the most capable and experienced agents, managers and innovators in its arena and makes it available over big data analysis, digital channels and at large scale.

An example GQL will harness Open Insurance (which policies a customer has from all vendors), customer data (age, income, family status) and expert knowhow (what should a clever agent do for the benefit of all parties involved) and will recommend which policies should be upgraded, replaced or even canceled. The GQL takes into account thousands of products, customer actions, interactions and data points and optimizes the recommendations for the benefits of customers, agents, advisors and vendors.

Gefen is now releasing the next generation of GQL with more capabilities, more data points and new targeting to interactions between agents, advisors and customers. For example – GQLs can now be specifically aimed towards improving work day priorities (which customer to contact, how and when), in-context recommendations (what to offer a customer during a call) and which customers to target with which digital content.

The GQL’s main purpose is to improve the level of service, the personalized fit for the customers and increase the share of wallet generated from each customer.

The new GQL generation is being gradually deployed and will be made available to the entire platform during the first quarter of 2022.

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