GENAI Creates MAI Cloud™

Generative AI Solutions Corp. (“GenAI” or the “Company”) (CSE: AICO) (‎FSE: 99L.F) (OTC: AICOF) is pleased to announce the creation of MAI Cloud™, its Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) cloud service that will provide High-Performance Computing (“HPC”) power for AI computing requirements, including rapid processing power, large-scale storage, and state-of-the-art software applications, all delivered via the cloud over the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis. The Company has incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary, MAI Cloud Solutions Inc., through which the MAI Cloud™ platform will be launched. MAI Cloud Solutions Inc. intends to utilize NVIDIA A100’s and H100’s to power the MAI Cloud™ platform and is currently seeking hosting arrangements with third parties.

The NVIDIA A100s and H100s are specialized graphics processing units (“GPU”) designed for AI computing and deep learning tasks. One of the notable features of the A100 and H100 GPUs are their tensor core technologies. Tensor cores are hardware accelerators designed to efficiently perform matrix operations, which are fundamental to AI computations, such as matrix multiplications and convolutions. Tensor cores enable faster training and inference times for deep neural networks, improving the overall efficiency of AI workloads.

MAI Cloud™ will enable its customers to access and utilize resources without the need for physical infrastructure or hardware on their premises. AI algorithms require substantial computational power and large datasets for training and inference, which can be efficiently hosted and managed in the cloud. MAI Cloud™ will provide scalable and on-demand computing resources, allowing organizations to easily scale up or down based on their AI needs, enabling faster and more efficient training and inference processes.

Ryan Selby, CEO of GenAI, comments “We are extremely excited to announce the creation of our MAI Cloud™ HPC platform which is being specially designed to support our internal and external proprietary AI solutions. This strategic move dramatically enhances our ability to deploy, manage, and scale unique AI models securely and efficiently. The flexibility and scalability of our MAI Cloud™ platform, combined with robust security measures, ensures that proprietary AI technology can be deployed on MAI Cloud™ at scale while safeguarding sensitive information and intellectual property. We are building a vertically integrated AI solutions business, and MAI Cloud™ will provide a proprietary cloud-based database that will deliver security and value throughout our entire AI value chain. In addition to developing our own proprietary in-house AI solutions, we also aim to develop AI solutions for third-party organizations and customers. Additionally, all of our internal and external products and solutions can be hosted on the MAI Cloud™ platform, providing potential cost savings and multiple ongoing revenue streams for the Company.”

GenAI intends to use the MAI Cloud™ platform to perform AI computing tasks and hosting for its existing internal projects, including GenAI Tobacco, Remitz, Classmate, and Global AI Newswire.

GenAI Tobacco is a large language model (LLM) dedicated to harnessing the power of AI for the tobacco industry. The company intends to launch the LLM tobacco product under the brand name Tobacco Titan™. Using various proprietary and public datasets, in addition to other information, Tobacco Titan™ is being developed to provide valuable AI-powered intelligence and information to companies and individuals in relation to the tobacco industry.

Remitz is one of the leading providers of automated revenue recovery services in the healthcare space and has leveraged data-driven analytics and industry-changing technologies to develop a unique approach to medical billing. Using sophisticated algorithms, Remitz can identify and submit claims that would otherwise go uncollected – driving smarter billing processes and maximizing profits for healthcare professionals nationwide. Remitz uses generative AI to analyze billing data, identify discrepancies, and optimize collections strategies, ultimately saving time and resources while improving the overall patient experience. To date, the AI billing system used in Remitz has billed over US$100 million at an estimated 40% Gross Margin (unaudited) and has serviced providers in respect of more than one million patients. For more information about Remitz, visit

Classmate is a GenAI-powered tutor that uses the latest advances in natural language processing to understand questions and provide accurate and relevant answers. Students can quickly find answers to their educational questions and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. With Classmate, learning can become more engaging, efficient, and enjoyable. For more information about Classmate, visit

Global AI Newswire is building an AI-powered public company press release summarizer with the goal of distilling complex information into efficient and easy-to-understand summaries. Global AI Newswire will employ generative AI algorithms to analyze and condense press releases, delivering quick and accurate insights that enable investors, journalists, and the public to stay informed about the latest corporate news.

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