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Gigster Launches Artificial Intelligence Services Suite

>>Gigster, the leading AI software development platform, announces three new services to help companies see rapid benefits from AI and machine learning no matter what their current level of AI maturity

Innovation and digital transformation firm, Gigster, today announced three new service offerings to help companies speed up their workflows and better leverage data through artificial intelligence. The new services offer specialized teams and proven development processes tailored to the clients’ current business needs and level of AI maturity.

Gigster’s new offerings include AI Aspire, designed for companies taking their first step into artificial intelligence. AI Infuse provides companies with off the shelf tooling and quick value realization by infusing machine learning into existing workflows. AI Evolve, for organizations already experienced with AI, helps transform businesses through customized, strategic initiatives, augmentation of existing AI teams, and fully-managed AI solutions.

“After years of gradual adoption, we’re seeing an unprecedented number of companies ready to adopt AI at scale,” said Gigster’s VP of Product, Cory Hymel. “We want to ensure that every company can innovate through AI no matter what their current experience level.”

Gigster has spent the past decade delivering artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions through its network of over 900 engineers, managers, designers and its own AI-powered development platform. Gigster’s data-driven platform analyzes millions of data points to predict delays and bugs before they can affect project timelines, automatically deliver project resources to speed development time, and more quickly assemble teams perfectly matched for specific projects. Their proven processes can assemble AI development teams in less than a week and complete 94% of projects on time and within budget.

The demand for artificial intelligence services has skyrocketed in the past few months due to new solutions and pressure on organizations to improve overall productivity. AI can be used for predictive maintenance, automation of manual processes, automated data generation, pattern recognition and prediction, and more.

“Our fluid, global workforce democratizes access to technology like AI so companies can innovate at scale without needing to support large, in-house data science teams,” said Hymel. “As the tech space changes rapidly and every organization works to keep up, having access to a team that is already set up and ready to innovate can be a huge differentiator.”

In addition to AI Aspire, AI Infuse, and AI Evolve, Gigster recently launched their fully-managed solution for enterprise ChatGPT integrations. For more information on their new AI service offerings and to get updates on how Gigster is transforming companies through AI initiatives, visit Gigster.

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