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Global IDs Unveils DataVerse: Pioneering Data Quality Visualization

With its state-of-the-art interface, DataVerse promises to redefine data visualization, offering a 360-degree perspective, to identify and resolve data policy noncompliance.

Traditionally, data management platforms are constrained by the limited amount of real estate visible in a 2D environment. This limitation makes it difficult for analysts to visualize the details of large complex data flows and nearly impossible to visualize anomalies introduced as the data moves. What if business and data teams could pinpoint the moment a data policy violation is introduced in a downstream system and mitigate the risk? Global IDs proudly introduces the next-generation DataVerse solution that allows companies to enforce data policies throughout the enterprise using a pioneering user interface that:

  1. Zooms in and out to see the entire data lifecycle
  2. Identifies where quality policy violations are introduced
  3. Pinpoints the violation to analyze and raise a ticket for issue resolution

“I am delighted to introduce the Global IDs DataVerse, an Augmented Reality product that allows users to effectively govern their data as it moves throughout the ecosystem”, said Dr. Arka Mukherjee, the Founder and CEO of Global IDs while announcing the release of DataVerse. “Our customers and business partners demand solutions at ecosystem scale which is why DataVerse showcases Augmented Reality to visualize the entire data lifecycle on screens as small as a cellphone.  DataVerse helps the business user discover and resolve quality policy noncompliance caused by data transformations, faulty ETL logic, and human error”, added Dr. Mukherjee.

DataVerse users can visualize both the aggregate and granular changes in data flow at ecosystem scale on one screen. This UI innovation significantly increases productivity as the user does not lose context by switching screens. “DataVerse is a simple, centralized ML-based data governance product that is fully automated and built for the business user. I welcome you to try it”, concluded Dr. Mukherjee.

DataVerse allows users to search for, select, and trace individual records to see how the record flows across the data landscape.  This is useful, for example, when verifying the source of critical data elements or when troubleshooting the source of data leakage.

Master data and reference data teams will use DataVerse to understand all consumers of their master and reference data. The platform allows the same data quality policies used in master data and reference data systems to be consistently enforced across the enterprise.

Our market research indicates that these capabilities are novel.

Read more about DataVerse, see the software in action, and schedule a personalized demo

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