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Good AI Capital Welcomes Aureus’ Abhishek Pakhira

Aureus Tech System’s Abhishek Pakhira takes a seat on Good AI Capital’s Advisory Team. As a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, successful venture investors, and innovative inventors, Good AI partners with exceptional entrepreneurs and deep technologists to build some of the most successful startups that transform people’s lives. 

Good AI Capital is a venture fund focusing on early-stage Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies in Fintech, Healthcare, and B2B Enterprise SaaS (Software as a Service). With a mission-driven thesis of doing well by doing good, Good AI Capital invests in technical founders who are keen on applying AI towards solving some of the acutest problems faced across industries.  

“Since 2016, I’ve led the company to heavily invest in AI. Because of the knowledge and experience gleaned from making these investments, we’ve never been better poised to implement successful AI systems and build entire AI-driven companies. The saying ‘you’ve got to pay to play’ is true, but the difference is, we’ve already paid so customers don’t have to. I’m honored to bring this thought leadership to Good AI, who has a great track record of funding the most successful unicorns (Sofi and Playco) that are shaping the next wave of AI innovation” said Abhishek Pakhira, COO, Aureus.

Aureus builds solutions predicated on the fact that there is a chasm in AI-driven research and adoption of AI in mainstream line-of-business applications. Their relentless pursuit is to democratize AI-based innovation so virtually any company—large or small—can use it. Aureus fuses their capabilities of building cloud-native applications with their AI-building blocks to drive incremental business value to customers. 

“At Good AI, we believe the next wave of AI innovations is emerging from leading research institutions from both the Silicon Valley and beyond. Built upon our networks with industry leaders, we have successfully helped commercialize some of the most transformative intellectual properties of these institutions. We are very excited to have mission-driven leaders such as Abhishek Pakhira, who will help scale some of the most impactful AI startups for the generations to come,” stated Darwin Ling, Found and General Partner, Good AI Capital. 

Founded in Denver, CO, Aureus is a Microsoft Certified Gold & Co-sell partner offering both product and service-based Cloud and AI solutions. Aureus offers Office365 Development, AI & Big Data, Modern Workplace, IoT, CRM, CEM, and eDiscovery all in one unified Microsoft Azure cloud platform.  

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