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Gradient Cyber integrates Azure Protection into its MXDR Solution

Gradient Cyber, the mid-market leader in MXDR, today announced that its Extended Managed and Detection Response (MXDR) solution includes protection for Microsoft Azure workloads and applications.

With most data breaches now targeting cloud-stored data, virtual private connections (VPCs) and their contents are prime targets for cyber threats. Gradient Cyber’s MXDR solution now expands protection to Azure, safeguarding the entire IT infrastructure from breaches, unauthorized access, and modern cybercriminal tactics. By meticulously monitoring and protecting applications and sensitive data, this integration ensures confidence in utilizing Azure to its fullest potential.

Businesses today heavily rely on cloud services. However, migrating workloads and applications to the cloud necessitates stringent security measures, especially in threat detection and response. “Our direct integration of operating and security telemetry from Azure Monitor and Microsoft Sentinel into Gradient Cyber’s XDR platform guarantees thorough protection,” said Anjan Panneer Selvam, Chief Technology Officer at Gradient Cyber. “Thanks to APIs, the integration process is swift and seamless. Within minutes, we can gain access to comprehensive user activity logs, sign-in data, security alerts, and administrative logs, crucial for early threat detection and response.”

Gradient Cyber’s MXDR empowers businesses to embrace cloud adoption securely by ensuring comprehensive monitoring and protection of their applications and sensitive data. This strategic Azure integration fortifies the defense against the dynamic and evolving landscape of cyber threats. Coupled with its 24/7/365 human-in-the-loop (HITL) SOC analysis service, Gradient Cyber offers a comprehensive white-glove solution without the need for extra overhead or resource additions, all at an affordable price tailored for the mid-market.

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