Machine Learning

Granica joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage

Training Data Platform Preserves Privacy for Trusted AI, Cuts Data Lake Costs up to 80%

Granica, the training data platform for trusted AI, announced today that it has joined Google Cloud Partner Advantage as a Partner in the Build engagement model, giving customers the ability to make their AI-powered data products more effective, more efficient, and safer to use.

Granica offers customers data management solutions for AI, which assist generative and traditional AI teams in several critical areas: ensuring the privacy of sensitive data sets used in model training, improving their models, controlling their costs, and scaling up data operations. Key services include:

  • A training data privacy service, called Granica Screen, which delivers highly accurate and highly cost-efficient identification, protection, and monitoring of all sensitive information in structured, semi-structured and unstructured text data in Google Cloud data lakes, at any scale. Granica Screen improves data security posture and prevents breaches, preserves privacy for safe use of data for AI/ML/analytics, streamlines data security and privacy monitoring, and enables regulatory compliance.
  • A training data compression service, called Granica Crunch, which pre-processes petabyte-scale data in cloud data lakes before it is used in downstream stages and environments. It provides deep and fast data compression in order to reduce the cost to store and access data by up to 80%, while ensuring data remains “hot” and accessible.
  • A training data visibility service, called Granica Chronicle AI, which facilitates data lake exploration and cost optimization with a deep focus on data access. It offers a genAI-powered text to query interface that generates relevant visualizations in graphs and tables to uncover actionable insights, fast, with no SQL knowledge required.

“Our mission is to enable enterprise AI teams to build trusted AI that is effective, efficient, and safe. We believe that a data-centric approach holds the key to unlocking the transformative potential of AI and machine learning,” said Rahul Ponnala, co-founder and CEO of Granica. “We are thrilled to join the Google Cloud ecosystem as a partner and look forward to helping our joint customers accelerate their AI initiatives and their results.”

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