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Gravitee Launches Federated API Management

Gravitee launches an API Management solution that provides unified governance across 3rd party API Gateway providers including Amazon API Gateway and Google Apigee, as well as event brokers such as Solace.

Gravitee, the API management platform, launched Federated API Management, which provides a single pane of governance for companies leveraging multiple API gateways and event brokers. Enterprises are often managing tens of thousands of APIs – with different teams each using their own API gateway of choice – creating the problem of API sprawl that until today made it impossible to have governable API security, visibility, and management.

“We built federated API management because we know that various teams across a given organization leverage myriad tools to manage their APIs,” said Rory Blundell, CEO of Gravitee. “Even if a team isn’t using Gravitee as their API Gateway, they can still take advantage of having a central source of truth for visibility, subscription control, governance, and more.”

Federated API Management enables organizations to centrally manage, secure, and publish all of their APIs – no matter what API Gateways and event brokers are being used across the organization. With Gravitee, API and Platform teams can now use a single solution to discover all APIs across the organization, import those APIs into a single subscription control and management layer, and then publish them all in a unified Developer Portal for self-service discovery, documentation, and subscription. This “multi-gateway” approach is a key pillar of modern API Management.

The Three Pillars of Modern API Management (APIM)

1 – Multi-Gateway and Multi-Broker: API Management, as a practice, must support the ability for API publishers to manage, secure, and govern APIs and services from multiple different API Gateways and event brokers.

2 – Event-Native: API Management must treat event streams and event APIs as first-class citizens on par with synchronous APIs, as more and more organizations introduce event streaming. This will enable teams to get more ROI out of their initial investment in streaming.

3 – AI-forward: API Management vendors must find ways to both (1) improve their API Management offerings through AI and (2) better enable organizations to leverage AI as a force-multiplier.

“Federation enables us to feed everybody: our customers, our developers, our support people, our partners – there’s a single pane of glass and a single point of entry,” said Melvin Stephen, VP of Product Development at Blue Yonder. “It doesn’t matter what the API is implemented on and this is going to be a huge advantage.”

Gravitee continues to be acknowledged with industry recognition. The company was the sole vendor positioned in the Customers’ Choice Quadrant in the 2024 Gartner Peer Insights™ ‘Voice of the Customer’ for API Management Report with a ‘willingness to recommend’ score of 100%¹ — the highest of all vendors recognized in the report. Gravitee was also named as a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant™ for API Management Report.

The company is demonstrating Federated API Management at their flagship event Gravitee Edge 2024. Edge is a premier 3-day virtual conference covering a range of topics related to modern API management, and is free and open to the public. Keynote speakers include Emily Pfeiffer, Principal Analyst at Forrester; Matt Houser, VP of Global Engineering at Tealium; and Mathieu Croissant, Head of API Strategies at Roche.

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