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Gretel Partners With Google Cloud

Gretel and Google Cloud announce partnership enabling developers using Vertex AI to train models safely with multi-modal synthetic data

Gretel provides a synthetic data platform that makes it easy to generate anonymized, safe-to-share, and privacy-first synthetic data for enterprises that are blocked by data sharing limitations or lack of data. Developers that use Vertex AI for ML ops will now be able to use synthetic data to meet privacy and data augmentation requirements, resulting in accelerated ML R&D and operations.

The entire collection of Gretel’s multi-modal synthetic data products are available for Google Cloud customers to incorporate into their enterprise applications, including APIs to:

  • Generate synthetic data based on production data which can then be used in lieu of production data, enabling safe data sharing
  • Generate synthetic data to augment training data when existing training data isn’t sufficient for model development
  • Generate synthetic data when there is no existing data to work with (the “cold start” problem) using Gretel LLMs

Going forward, Gretel will also work closely with Google Cloud to accelerate deployment and availability within Google Cloud Marketplace, including adding an integration with BigQuery for fully automated workflows.

“The promise of generative AI is unquestionable, and enterprise leaders everywhere are imploring their teams to incorporate ML and AI into their R&D and products. However, the biggest hurdle to jump in addition to having limited data to start with is ensuring the privacy of that data and the safety of the models they use,” said Ali Golshan, CEO of Gretel. “Safe incorporation of generative AI means ensuring that what a business gets out of their generative model is exactly what they’re expecting from their data. By using Gretel’s synthetic data, with its pre- and post-validation ensuring the privacy of the model and the utility of the data, enterprise leaders seeking to win in a world being revolutionized by generative AI can do so, safely.”

“Gretel’s platform provides important tooling for developers utilizing data and building generative AI models and applications,” said Manvinder Singh, Managing Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “By integrating with Vertex AI and bringing its platform to Google Cloud Marketplace, Gretel provides more choice and capability for customers to both deploy Gretel on Google Cloud and to utilize its capabilities as they innovate with generative AI on Google Cloud.”

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