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Grid Dynamics introduces a GenAI-powered Data Migration Starter Kit

Key Takeaways:

  • Grid Dynamics extends its Analytics Platform with an LLM-powered starter kit for data migration, designed to accelerate the transition from legacy data solutions to cloud-based platforms.
  • The new starter kit enables Grid Dynamics to streamline and expedite large-scale data replatforming and modernization initiatives, achieving significant time and cost savings over conventional data migration methods.
  • The new solution supports legacy data platform migration from Teradata, Netezza, and Talend, among others, to AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure—expanding the company’s solutions portfolio for enterprise-scale clients undergoing business transformation.

Grid Dynamics Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: GDYN) (Grid Dynamics), a leader in enterprise-level digital transformation services and solutions, today unveils a GenAI-powered Data Migration Starter Kit, a new component that enhances the capabilities of Grid Dynamics’ Analytics Platform and enables its clients to achieve faster, more cost-effective data modernization outcomes.

In many enterprises, large-scale data modernization programs span several years and consume vast amounts of resources. The timelines and costs are typically driven up by a large number of data processing jobs and applications, convoluted and poorly documented business logic, performance issues and bottlenecks, and complex coordination across multiple organizations and vendors. Traditional data migration methodologies and tools help to facilitate the process and reduce migration costs, but still require significant amounts of engineering effort and manual operations. These challenges are particularly prominent for data modernization programs that require deep redesign of the processing pipelines, business logic, and data schemas.

The GenAI-powered Data Migration Starter Kit automatically transforms business logic, target data schemas, and pipeline orchestration logic based on the requirements specified by the user. In particular, the starter kit automatically performs advanced redesigns of the data schemas such as normalization and denormalization. These capabilities greatly accelerate the delivery of large-scale data modernization and replatforming projects compared to traditional methods.

The GenAI-powered Data Migration Starter Kit supports a broad range of migration and replatforming scenarios, including on-premises-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud. The starter kit provides adapters for major cloud providers, Teradata, and Talend out of the box, and is designed to efficiently develop custom adapters.

“The GenAI Data Migration Starter Kit enables our clients to drastically reduce costs and timelines for data modernization programs by automating operations that were not possible to automate without LLMs,” said Ilya Katsov, Vice President of Technology at Grid Dynamics. “This kit transforms our Analytics Platform into an end-to-end solution for delivering large-scale data modernization programs—from establishing platform services to onboarding applied pipelines and business logic to integrating with downstream data consumers.”

The GenAI Data Migration Starter Kit is the latest, innovative, problem-solving solution from Grid Dynamics and supports the company’s GigaCube growth strategy. Visit this page to learn more about the GenAI-powered Data Migration Starter Kit, and visit this page for more information about Grid Dynamics’ Analytics Platform.

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