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GridGain to participate in Community Over Code conference

GridGain®, provider of a leading unified real-time data platform, today announced its participation in Apache Software Foundation’s Community Over Code conference (formerly ApacheCon), taking place October 7-10, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. GridGain experts have been invited to deliver two speaking sessions on the power and evolution of Apache Ignite.

“GridGain is excited to be speaking at this year’s Community Over Code conference which celebrates the strength of the Apache Software Foundation and the impact projects like Apache Ignite have on the advancement of technology around the world,” said Katherine Rincon, Chief Marketing Officer at GridGain. “We look forward to joining leading companies in Halifax for this informative and collaborative event for the ASF and the broader open source community.”

On Sunday, Oct. 8, at 12:10 p.m. ADT, Jeremy Meyer, head of the Professional Services and Education team at GridGain, will speak in the Groovy Track about:

Scalable Distributed Computing with Groovy Using Apache Ignite

Meyer will delve into the concepts of the Apache Ignite compute grid and the power of combining Ignite with Groovy. Groovy’s concise and expressive syntax and its powerful language features make it an attractive choice for prototyping and exploring. Apache Ignite’s compute grid allows for distributed computing and in-memory data to satisfy high performance requirements.

Meyer will demonstrate the power of combining Groovy and Ignite using a light-hearted example of solving oddly shaped Rubik’s cubes with brute force algorithms. He will include performance comparisons using single-processor solutions and the incremental gains from adding CPUs/nodes to the compute grid.

On Monday, Oct. 9, at 5:00 p.m. ADT, Stanislav Lukyanov, Director of Product Management at GridGain, will join the Big Data: Compute Track to discuss:

Enhancing Apache Ignite 3.0 with the Power of Open Source

Lukyanov will discuss how Apache Ignite is using other open source projects to make the next generation of open source distributed databases even better.

Apache Ignite 3.0, the next major version of one of the top Apache projects in Big Data, aims to dramatically improve the usability of the platform for developers and encourage new use cases. Lukyanov will discuss how the Apache Ignite Developer Community is achieving this goal by harnessing the power of open source and using several well-known projects for its core components. Technologies such as Apache Calcite, RocksDB, ScaleCube, JRaft, and others will enhance the stability of Apache Ignite, reduce future maintenance, and open a path to future integrations. Developers will get a major leg-up on the foundations of this technology and learn:

  • What are the key components of Apache Ignite’s architecture
  • Which battle-tested open source technologies are fit for a modern distributed database
  • What challenges Apache Ignite developers have faced in the process and how they surmounted them

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