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Gutsy announced a major platform expansion

Latest release offers new performance management dashboards, integrated data analytics, and automatic identification and measurement of manual work in security processes

Today, Gutsy announced a major platform expansion, building on its innovative application of process mining to cybersecurity. The new release introduces significant enhancements, including performance management dashboards, integrated data analytics, and automatic identification and measurement of manual work in security processes. Gutsy’s new capabilities set a new standard for cybersecurity efficiency and effectiveness, enabling Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to deliver better outcomes and lower risk.

“In the world of security, the slower and less predictable a process, the greater the risk it poses to an organization,” said John Morello, CTO and co-founder, Gutsy. “In order to drive out inefficiencies, CISOs need insight into how key security processes like identity management, incident response, and vulnerability management really work. Our new release provides organizations with a continuous, automatic understanding of their security processes so they can deliver better outcomes.”

According to Gutsy’s 2023 State of Security Governance survey, 79 percent of enterprise CISOs highlighted operationalizing their security tools as a top priority in the next 12 months. This is compounded with an industry-wide push to drive ROI on existing technology investments and streamlining processes. The new release is a direct response to the rising demand for smarter, more efficient ways to operationalize cybersecurity.

Key platform enhancements:

  • Performance management dashboards: Gain unparalleled visibility into the performance of all your security processes. Set goals and measure outcomes across essential areas such as vulnerability management and incident response. Have a single place to go to track progress on KPIs and monitor SLA adherence.
  • Integrated data analytics: View and analyze the full details of every step of every process execution. Slice and dice natively in the Gutsy UI to answer hard questions and get the data to make good decisions..
  • Automatic identification and measurement of manual work: Automatically analyze every step in every process execution, identify inefficiencies, quantify potential automation benefits, and provide the data to support automation investments.

Gutsy Testimonials

“At Redis, we are all about the positive impacts of real time data. We’re happy to partner with Gutsy to get a continuous data-driven view of the effectiveness of our security processes, ultimately helping us better secure our products and systems.”

– Quincy Castro, CISO, Redis

“Security is all about process and in security processes, inefficiency is highly correlated with risk.  Gutsy’s innovative, process centric, approach to governance helps organizations understand how their processes really work and identify inefficiencies and inconsistencies that increase risk.  Gutsy helps organizations find ‘unknown unknowns’ and to have the data to ask tough questions and make hard decisions that improve security outcomes.”

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