AI Machine Learning Launches H2O Wave announces the release of H2O Wave, the future of AI Applications. Wave is a lightweight development framework that enables users, with just a few lines of Python, to develop beautiful applications in real-time, powered by industry-leading AI technology.

H2O Wave is H2O’s latest open source offering, making it even faster and easier for data scientists, machine learning engineers, and software developers to develop real-time interactive AI Apps with sophisticated visualizations. H2O Wave accelerates development with a wide variety of user-interface components and charts, including dashboard templates, dialogs, themes, widgets, and more.

“Data scientists and engineers need a low-code fast way to tell meaningful stories from data with machine learning. H2O Wave makes it easy to rapidly prototype and serve live informative visualizations and applications,” said Sri Ambati, founder and CEO of “Being open source ensures that the community can bring AI into every organization, going from data science recipes to intelligent business applications.”

The Wave Software Developer Kit is entirely open source, and there are eight early access open source applications for users to get started.

Customers can now try out the following open source demo applications:

  • Social Media Sentiment
  • Explaining Ratings
  • Getting Started with NLP
  • Getting Started with Images
  • Mitigating Churn Risk
  • Human-in-the-Loop Credit Risk
  • Online Shopping Recommendations
  • Guess the Number

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