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Harness Announces Enterprise GitOps For Software Delivery Platform

Harness takes GitOps to the enterprise level with Harness GitOps™ providing governance, security and manageability

Harness, the modern software delivery platform, today announced Harness GitOps™ to enable enterprise continuous delivery (CD) workflows for application and infrastructure deployments. Harness GitOps offers DevOps teams a declarative GitOps solution, built with the same proven enterprise security, governance and scale as visual Harness CD pipelines. Learn more at

Developers love GitOps because it is lightning fast to deploy and lightweight to operate. Harness GitOps—built on the popular, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) incubated open source Argo CD project—delivers those benefits for DevOps teams and takes GitOps to the next level with enterprise-grade security, governance and scale. Any developer working with GitOps workflows, whether at enterprise scale or not, can now use powerful software delivery tools, including continuous integration, feature flags, cost control, deployment verification, drift detection, application sync and cluster reconciliation/verification. Harness GitOps enables key enterprise features including Open Policy Agent (OPA)-based governance to meet demanding security requirements.

“Our customers told us that while they like the convenience of GitOps and Argo, many require enterprise features that Argo does not offer– like security and governance,” said Jyoti Bansal, CEO of Harness. “To meet this need we built Harness GitOps– the first enterprise GitOps solution. Harness GitOps enables DevOps teams to create ‘fully baked’ application development and infrastructure provisioning workflows, using definitions stored in Git. This brings even more simplicity and speed to their processes. So whether a customer wants a traditional, fully customizable CD approach or a ‘Grab-it-from-Git-and-go’ approach, Harness has them covered.”

“It has been an incredible journey working with Harness,” said Pravin Jothinathan, Engineering Manager at SysDig. “GitOps has been our Achilles heel and Harness GitOps nails it. Great job to the Harness team and hats off!”

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