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Harness is accepted into Platform One

Certification enables U.S. government agencies to increase speed-to-mission and reduce burden on developer teams

Harness®, the Modern Software Delivery Platform™ company, today announced it has been accepted into Platform One, the U.S. Air Force’s (USAF) DevSecOps platform. Harness Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), and Security Testing Orchestration (STO) modules are now available on Platform One. The addition of these modules into Iron Bank, Platform One’s authorized container repository, brings to Platform One a CI solution that is at least four times faster than other CI solutions1, with test and cache intelligence; the industry’s first fully-automated Continuous Delivery solution; and a complete solution for security and pipeline governance via Open Policy Agent (OPA).

Platform One is a Department of Defense (DoD)-wide enterprise service to accelerate the development and deployment of DevSecOps applications. It is a “collection of approved, hardened Cloud Native Computer Foundation (CNCF)-compliant Kubernetes distributions, infrastructure as code playbooks, and hardened containers.”2 Now any U.S. government agency can use Harness solutions in their own DevSecOps environments or via Platform One—increasing speed-to-mission and reducing the burden on developer teams, without compromising security.

“Accelerating the continuous delivery of software for the public sector has a tangible impact on mission critical projects,” said Nic Chaillan, Harness advisor and former Chief Software Officer of the United States Air Force. “Harness is solving a critical need for government agencies to effectively scale their operations and represents a step forward in the modernization of DevSecOps and IT innovation within the sector.”

With Harness Continuous Integration module, developers’ lives are made easier with hosted builds, caching, and proprietary Test Intelligence™, designed for developer autonomy with scalable features. Harness Continuous Delivery, powered by AI/ML, automates canary and blue/green deployments, advanced verification, and intelligent rollback, checking security and governance boxes. With Security Testing Orchestration from Harness, developers and DevSecOps teams can run security tests before a code artifact is built, providing immediate feedback to developers on any compliance issues, while supporting, correlating, and deduplicating results from over 40 integrated application security scanners.

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