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HarperDB 4.0 Delivers Application Development to Every Developer

HarperDB’s Global Application Platform consolidates data storage, compute, and global connectivity into a single architecture and easy-to-manage platform.

With HarperDB 4.0, connectivity extends even further thanks to NATS open-source connective technology for adaptive edge and distributed systems. In addition to furthering HarperDB’s objective of simplifying global application development, integrating NATS also dramatically improves the underlying economics of scale.

“Our mission is to rethink connectivity while simplifying the lives of developers, giving them a modern platform for all of their connectivity requirements – with no compromises on performance, location, or scale,” said Synadia CEO & Founder Derek Collison. “HarperDB’s vision of providing a highly resilient and globally available application platform, not tied to a specific cloud infrastructure, is a great fit for the core tenets of why we created NATS and we are very excited about what the partnership will bring to customers.”

Synadia maintains and leads the development of, the open-source connective technology used for HarperDB 4.0. NATS provides messaging, streaming, and persistence with low latency and high throughput, at any scale and in any environment. With over 200 million downloads and thousands of production implementations, NATS is the rising star of connectivity and edge computing.

With the ability to cluster an unlimited number of instances automatically over a self-healing NATS mesh network, HarperDB 4.0 represents a new paradigm for distributed application development. By making it easy to deploy data and applications from the cloud to the edge – and even to your network closet – HarperDB customers can achieve round-trip latency as low as 2ms and global replication in 100ms.

Sporadic networks, extremely high volume systems, and systems with dynamic data replication requirements are all perfect use cases for HarperDB 4.0, which makes even the most complex use cases accessible to any development team. Whether a team is building the next social media platform or monitoring remote sensor data over a sporadic connection, HarperDB 4.0 delivers an enterprise-grade platform without ballooning costs.

“HarperDB 4.0 with NATS is the first truly scalable Global Application Platform. With the best developer experience and unlimited scale, going from POC to production takes weeks, not months. You get to focus on building your business and not managing infrastructure,” said Stephen Goldberg, CEO and Co-Founder of HarperDB.

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