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HCB Joins NPG Health to Create Next Generation Healthcare Offering

Firm Rebrands as Boundless Life Sciences Group

HCB Health announced today it has joined The Next Practices Group (NPG) to become one of the foundational agencies for NPG Health, its global healthcare platform. The 21-year-old firm, which will now be called Boundless Life Sciences Group, is known for its expertise across pharma, biotech, medical devices and marketing services for healthcare providers, specifically in oncology, rare diseases, dermatology, central nervous system and ophthalmology-related conditions.

“We are driven to think of ideas, solutions and campaigns that may not have been done before, hence our focus on being “boundless,” said Kerry Hilton, founder and CEO, Boundless Life Sciences Group. “New ideas require the best use of data science, software, media and creative thinking to build what we refer to as a next generation offering in healthcare.”

The Boundless team, known for its creativity and agility in forming new ideas, will now become a founding firm within NPG Health, which includes expertise in data science and analytics, PESO Media, communications, public affairs, marketing technologies, software solutions and a purpose-driven offering across a team of 250+ team members in the Group.

“Our team has been involved in starting and/or helping to build two of the top 30 marketing communications firms in the world in the healthcare space and many of us have worked for some of the largest companies in our industry,” said Bob Pearson, founder and chair, NPG. “We are taking our best learnings, applying our expertise in technology and data, and combining this with the smartest entrepreneurs in health to create a next generation healthcare platform that can just as easily develop a new AI solution as it can imagine a creative concept that will cut through the clutter.”

NPG Health, which is led by Gloria Vanderham and Michael Roth, CEO and Chair, respectively, is focused on building solutions from “Atom to Access” across early science, R&D research, medical education and advertising, commercialization, health programs and reimbursement.

“We’re excited to welcome the Boundless team and to help unlock their unlimited potential in healthcare,” said Vanderham. “The beauty of this addition to our NPG offering is that our clients will have the opportunity to experience seamless, innovative, and creative solutions that will position them for what’s next in healthcare.”

The Boundless team is centered in Austin with team members in New Jersey and Chicago, as well as remote team members throughout the U.S. NPG Health has offices in New Jersey, New York City, Austin, Dallas and London.

NPG was created from the back of a napkin in Austin during Covid-19. The firm ended 2022 with 180 team members and is on track to double in size in 2023.

“We already have a strong and innovative roadmap, together, that we look forward to sharing,” added Hilton. “Stay tuned.”

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