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Healthcare AI Company Jvion is Founding Member of AIMed Connect

AIMed, a leading provider of global clinician-led artificial intelligence thought leadership, education and editorial content in healthcare and medicine has announced today the launch of the new AIMed Community Group – AIMedConnect. AIMed is delighted to welcome Jvion, a key healthcare clinical artificial intelligence company on board as a founding member. For more than a decade, Jvion has delivered clinical-AI solutions to the healthcare industry to identify individuals on a risk trajectory whose outcomes can be modified with the proper interventions.

AIMedConnect will extend AIMed’s vision and bring about a revolution that embraces a new paradigm of medicine and healthcare propelled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related new technologies.

AIMedConnect is a unique opportunity for the medical, healthcare and technology industries. It’s a strategic platform for Innovators to receive vital feedbacks from practicing clinicians and other stakeholders to ensure their new AI solutions are fit for purpose before commercialization as well as drive increased adoption of AI technology. It’s also where participating members looking for a way to get started in AI or already have advanced data science background can be exposed to the various pre-market creations and share their thoughts on how they will like new technologies to be developed.

AIMed CEO, Freddy White said, “Over the last four years, we have consistently heard challenges coming from both executives and clinicians on the adoption and implementation of AI in healthcare. By launching the AIMed User Group, we are, for the first time, connecting key stakeholders together in a unique forum to collaborate, innovation and deliver solutions that will drive better patient outcomes and efficiency across the industry. I am thrilled with the initial response and look forward to the collective output from this group.”

“Jvion is excited to be a founding member of the AIMEDConnect. This is a unique opportunity to foster cross-industry collaboration and drive innovation,” said Jay Deady, CEO of Jvion. “We look forward to driving alignment and benefit across the industry.”

AIMed Chairman and Founder, Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer of Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) Dr. Anthony Chang added, “AIMed announces the inception of a AIMed user group concept called (AIMedConnect). These user groups will regularly convene clinician/hospital users and payors as well as service providers, data scientists, and entrepreneurs. This is a singularly unique opportunity to communicate and network with all stakeholders in the domain of artificial intelligence in healthcare community in an honest and productive conversation to maximize utility and safety of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Jvion, one of the leading healthcare AI companies, will be a founding member of AIMedConnect. This signals Jvion’s extraordinary commitment to using artificial intelligence to prevent harm and lower cost, thereby bringing the highest value to healthcare.”

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