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High Alpha Innovation launches Devnaut

The AI-powered code cartography solution brings a new approach to code visualization and organization

Devnaut, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that creates, visualizes and organizes codebase maps through AI, today announced its public launch out of High Alpha Innovation’s venture-building program with pre-seed investment from Capital One Ventures.

As codebases continue to grow in size and complexity, developers, engineers, and technology leaders are increasingly facing the difficult and time-consuming challenges of navigating unfamiliar, frequently-changing code. Sixty-two percent of those surveyed  identify unclear ownership boundaries as their primary challenge at work, and nearly three out of four wish they spent less time tracking down colleagues to resolve application issues, according to a study published by Sentry in partnership with SlashData.

Devnaut is addressing this challenge and revolutionizing the way developers interact with complex codebases through its proprietary, intuitive, AI-powered code cartographer. The code exploration and collaboration tool fosters increased productivity, team collaboration and significant reductions in forensic work by helping developers, managers, and executives obtain real-time visibility. Using the C4 model, Devnaut’s novel approach is enabling organizations to visualize and automatically organize code. 

“The industry has been building low-level code tools geared toward serving single pain points for developers for decades, but no one has solved for the macro-level perspective. By visualizing complex codebases, Devnaut is eliminating the burden of time-consuming manual forensic work and empowering developers to focus on what matters most: building great software,” said Devnaut Co-Founder and CEO, Jeff White. “Devnaut’s mission is to make code accessible and collaborative, and our code cartographer is the first step towards achieving that vision.”

White, a serial entrepreneur and experienced senior executive, leads Devnaut alongside veteran tech and engineering leader Bob Donald, Co-founder and CTO. Together, they bring over 55 years of experience building, leading, and growing SaaS technology startups. White, a five-time founder, previously founded Driven CRM, Pensmore Software and Agility Payments, and has held executive positions at Rocket Matter and ClearSpend. Donald, a current Boston University Graduate Lecturer focused on artificial intelligence, brings a wealth of experience leading technology and engineering functions at SaaS organizations such as Zebra Technologies, SAS, and Monster.

“There’s a unique opportunity for innovation at the documentation layer, making granular, fragmented information systematically accessible. This facilitates developer onboarding and allows tenured engineers to use their time more productively,” said Phil Kim, partner at Capital One Ventures. “To build, innovate and meet evolving requirements, engineers need context on how their technical systems are set up and Devnaut is addressing that intricate challenge.”

“At High Alpha Innovation, we are proud to co-create world-changing startups with top global corporations,” said Elliott Parker, CEO of High Alpha Innovation. “Devnaut is addressing an industry-wide challenge that has the extraordinary potential to dramatically reshape the way technology teams and organizations operate.”

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