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HighByte Releases New API Gateway to OT Systems

Industrial software company releases HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.1 to expand data access, governance, and scale for global manufacturers

HighByte®, an industrial software company, today announced the release of HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.1 that expands operational technology (OT) data access, governance, and scale capabilities for industrial companies. The release includes a new REST Data Server that acts as an API gateway for industrial data residing in OT systems, so any application or service with an HTTP client can securely request OT data in raw or modeled form directly from the Intelligence Hub—without requiring domain knowledge of the underlying systems.

“With its initial release in 2020, HighByte Intelligence Hub entered the market as a client-based application capable of publishing data to consuming systems. Earlier this year, we released server-based capabilities with the addition of an embedded MQTT broker, allowing systems to subscribe to industrial data sources. In a few short months, we have expanded data access yet again with the ability to request data on-demand from the Intelligence Hub through a REST API,” said HighByte CEO Tony Paine. “This technical evolution reflects the maturing Industrial DataOps market and the increasingly sophisticated use cases of our customers. We are listening and committed to staying ahead of market needs.”

HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.1 adds additional capabilities to support data governance and scale, including more flexible configuration management. The Intelligence Hub now allows easy export and import of full or partial project configurations, which can be configured through the user interface, configuration files, or the configuration API. Users can also import models and instances directly from third party systems like Element Unify, supporting AWS’s Industrial Data Fabric architecture. In addition, users can dynamically drive template definitions from third party sources and trigger flows for individual assets, streamlining configuration across similar assets and use cases.

“We are particularly excited about the new ability to import and export full or partial projects directly through the user interface. This functionality holds special significance for us as we are running HighByte Intelligence Hub in multiple Docker containers,” said Matthew Venter, Solutions Architect at Gousto, an online meal-kit manufacturer and retailer and certified B Corporation. “With the ability to seamlessly import and export projects, we can effortlessly replicate and distribute our configurations across different container instances.”

Other features include a new Apache Kafka connector and significant improvements to existing connectors including PI System, Sparkplug, OPC UA, REST Client, AWS IoT SiteWise, Modbus, and the File connector (now with FTP support).

HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.1 is now commercially available. All new features and capabilities introduced in version 3.1 are included in standard pricing. Please contact HighByte or an authorized distributor to request a trial or purchase an annual subscription license.

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