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Hive Pro recognized in 2 Gartner reports for Vulnerability Assessment

Hive Pro®, a pioneer vendor of Threat Exposure Management is now featured in two prominent Gartner publications that spotlight industry leaders and innovators: The Market Guide™ for Vulnerability Assessment (2023) and The Hype Cycle for Security Operations (2023).

As cyber threats continue to escalate in sophistication and frequency, organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in safeguarding their digital assets. The traditional reactive approach to cybersecurity is now insufficient because it leaves entities vulnerable to attacks that often result in debilitating data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage. It is crucial for organizations to now embrace a proactive mindset in cybersecurity to anticipate, prevent, and mitigate potential threats before they materialize. Hive Pro: Threat Exposure Management is at the forefront of driving this shift by bridging the divide among advanced technologies like AI-driven vulnerability prioritization, continuous threat intelligence, attack simulation, and comprehensive asset evaluation. Hive Pro’s all-in-one, platform-approach solves for the often scattered and isolated cybersecurity tool and data landscape necessary to tackle threats and build cyber resilience. For this reason, Hive Pro is a standout vendor in Gartner research this year.

The Market Guide™ for Vulnerability Assessment (2023) and The Hype Cycle for Security Operations (2023) highlight Hive Pro’s pivotal role in offering Security and Risk Management leaders a comprehensive guide to grasp the landscape of Vulnerability Assessment technologies as part of an overarching exposure management strategy.

“We appreciate Gartner’s acknowledgement of our bold and much needed approach to addressing critical challenges in threat and vulnerability management by bridging the intelligence divide in SOC operations to drive immediate risk reduction,” said Hive Pro CEO, Anand Choudha.

“There are a range of issues that prove detrimental to security teams, including asset blind spots, fragmented security tools and processes, expanding security data complexity, generic insights, and substantial vulnerability backlogs,” said Hive Pro CTO, Sarfaraz Kazi. “We eliminate all of those issues from one truly, unified platform.”

HivePro Uni5 encompasses key features that integrate seamlessly to provide a holistic cybersecurity solution:

  • Exposure Management (EM) and Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM): continuously evaluates the visibility, vulnerability, and accessibility of your organization’s digital assets from a threat actor’s perspective.
  • Vulnerability Prioritization Technology (VPT):  considers your environmental context, exploitability, asset criticality, and compensating controls to provide prioritized, pragmatic recommendations for critical remediation.
  • Continuous Vulnerability & Threat Intelligence: goes beyond conventional risk scoring by incorporating active threat actor and vulnerability data for actionable intelligence and heightened responsiveness to dynamic security threats.
  • Automated Security Assessment: automates security assessments, enhancing operational efficiency while ensuring effective and compliant controls.
  • Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS): enables proactive security measures, allowing organizations to evaluate compensatory controls’ efficiency and re-prioritize vulnerabilities based on existing controls.

Hive Pro also stands out for its integration flexibility, transition feasibility, and focus on Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM), aligning with Gartner’s perspectives on comprehensive risk management. By adopting Hive Pro, organizations can expect faster remediation, enhanced operational efficiency, proactive visibility, and optimized security controls with actionable intelligence.

Gartner’s recognition of Hive Pro’s ability to tackle customer problems at scale for any size enterprise solidifies its status as a leader in the Security Operations realm.

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