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Hiya Sets out to Take Down Spam Industry

Enterprise Caller Scoring, a new feature of Hiya Protect, safeguards mobile subscribers from spammers who try to avoid detection by rotating phone numbers.

Hiya, the leading voice security company, announced today Enterprise Caller Scoring, a new feature of Hiya Protect which stops number rotation from being an effective practice for legitimate companies to avoid spam labeling. Hiya’s Enterprise Caller Scoring improves voice network security by accurately assessing the reputation of a caller, regardless of the phone numbers they use.

  • Visit to learn how Enterprise Caller Scoring protects against number rotation, a tactic of switching phone numbers to avoid spam detection, across more than 150 million enterprise phone numbers in the US.

Since the FCC mandated mobile operators block illegal and unwanted robocalls before they reach consumers, a cottage industry of spam labeling evasion has emerged with companies that tout solutions aimed at fixing calling reputation, without addressing calling practices. These businesses provide solutions based on questionable practices to avoid spam labeling, primarily by continuously rotating phone numbers. The practice has become so common that on any given day an estimated 30% of all phone numbers used to make calls on mobile networks are numbers with little to no history, potentially to evade spam labeling.

Hiya Protect’s Enterprise Caller Scoring accurately evaluates the reputation of callers, regardless of the phone number being used, and stops number rotation from being an effective practice for avoiding spam labels. The feature is a new layer of Adaptive AI, which powers Hiya Protect, and works similar to a credit agency for enterprise callers. Enterprise Caller Scoring assesses calls based on the calling enterprise’s history across all the numbers they own.

“Consumers continue to be inundated with unwanted calls, as spammers find new ways to avoid detection by rotating through phone numbers,” said Alex Algard, CEO at Hiya. “The addition of Enterprise Caller Scoring to Hiya Protect stops the effectiveness of number rotation and instead puts the onus on enterprises to actually address their calling practices to avoid spam labeling and maintain their reputation.”

Whenever a call is made, Enterprise Caller Scoring uses the calling number to look up the reputation of the calling business — even if that number has been recently rotated into use. Enterprise Caller Scoring continuously evolves caller reputation based on behavior, so businesses can maintain and grow their reputations over time through disciplined calling practices — without the need to rely on spam evasion services that utilize number rotation.

Hiya Protect, which powers spam and fraud protection services on Samsung, Telenor, MasMovil and the Hiya App on all carriers, is now available with Enterprise Caller Scoring and currently protects more than 250 million users from spam and fraud calls. Hiya’s Adaptive AI technology analyzes every facet of a call – which includes Spam Threat Scanning, Personal Call Filtering, and Enterprise Caller Scoring – to provide the most complete and effective spam and fraud call protection available.

To learn more about Hiya Protect and how Hiya’s Enterprise Caller Scoring can help your subscribers, visit

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