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How AI-based NLP is transforming the future of Marketing?

AI is changing the future of Marketing. It thinks, responds and performs tasks based on the data that is being fed into it.

In this era of automation and advanced technologies, if you are not using AI in your marketing strategies, then you are lagging. AI-based solutions can help create a highly personalized user experience. NLP (Natural Language Processing) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It is an exceptionally powerful tool which can convert written/ printed matter and spoken words into data which computer can read. Natural Language Processing applications are integrated with Machine Learning, which will enable marketers to analyze user content at a micro-level.

Key Verticals where NLP is being used:

  • Customer Service: Natural Language Processing analyzes customer support tickets before a live agent checks or sees them. Both large and small businesses can implement next-generation Customer Experience tools which will leverage AI-based NLP conversational interfaces to improve the customer experience at a reduced cost.
  • Legal Industry: Natural Language Processing is playing an increasing role in finding information relevant to judicial decisions, determining related documents, generating routine legal reports, and provides customized advice using the Q&A feature.
  • Healthcare Sector: Natural Language Processing algorithms can read all sorts of data in the healthcare space to find the best ways to extract relevant inputs and bring it together to help healthcare workers make better decisions for their patients.

Benefits of Natural Language Processing:

Natural Language Processing has gone beyond being merely a better input method. Given the marketing is heavily susceptible to words to convey messages to the users about products and services, it is no surprise that Natural Language Processing has played a nice role in niche marketing technology.

Let’s see where all NLP is playing a nice role.              

  • Chatbots for Capturing Leads

A chatbot or a pop-up, it’s almost on all the websites, right? Chatbots and popups are there to assist you with any help you require like a guide. Now you can even build a chatbot in Facebook Messenger to act and revert as an autoresponder. Drift and Intercom offer an automated response to the selected questions and gathers data about your visitors/ users. Currently, the chatbots are able to answer the readymade questions by figuring out through the keywords but when it turns into a complex conversation, they rely on human customer support.

  • Voice Search for Gaining Access to a Wider Audience

In recent years, voice search has become incredibly powerful and popular. Especially after smartphones launched Siri and Google as a voice assistant as well as Alexa and Google Home as Home Voice Assistant. Currently, almost 65% of middle-age users (25-50 years) communicate or take assistant from smart devices, at least once in a day. It’s surveyed and estimated that more than half of the online searches will use voice searches by 2 years.

  • Sentiment Analysis for Understanding Customers

Sentiment analysis got several interesting use cases like brand monitoring, competitive research and product analysis. By the time, NLP developed and demonstrated the capabilities significantly to understand and extract intent and sentiments behind the language. Which is useful in deriving the sentiment of conversation with individual users.

  • Automated Summarization for Early Identification of Trends

According to Stanford University’s Abigail See, NLP-based automatic summarization has moved on from simplistic extractive summarization, where content from the original source is shortened and rearranged, and summarized it.

  • AI Writer for Efficient Content Generation

Guess what? Now AI can create an effective slogan as well. The text generation tactics can assist advertisers to generate optimized keywords, ad slogans, social media copies, product listings and many more. Like, Alibaba’s AI copywriter, which will understand and undertake the drudge work of generating effective product descriptions.


As AI is infiltrating every aspect of our regular lives, there is no better time for marketing teams to start using AI-based NLP to strategies their next marketing moves. AI helps to create personalized experiences for their users. With the expected rise of AI in all segments and industries, marketers can dedicate resources to AI-based solutions. AI will make sure whether their marketing strategy is poised for continued success, both now and in the future.   

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