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How AI has Transformed the E-learning Landscape

AI is being employed for personalized learning for each and every student. With the employment of the hyper-personalization concept which is enabled through machine learning, AI Tech is incorporated to design a customized learning profile for each and every individual student.

AI still sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie right? But the fact is you probably encounter it every day, possibly every hour, without even categorizing it as AI. If you flew to another city in autopilot or hailed a cab from Ola or Uber, you have knowingly-unknowingly interacted with AI. If you have used voice assistant today to schedule your meeting or set up some alarms, you have interacted with AI.

Artificial Intelligence has glided into our lives gradually in past few years. It helps us in parking our cars, helps us at master levels in video games. AI kind of sparks excitement about the future of how we teach and learn. But in real-time, it has been part of many e-learning platforms for the last long time, it is helping us to learn more efficiently. Personalized learning, a recommendation of resources, automated grading, and prediction of attrition rates.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Education Sector

Even though the AI culture has not been established everywhere or in every industry, it’s a little early to expect our fantasies of getting to see humanoid robots serving the role of teachers anytime soon, but it is going to be the next big thing in e-learning. From kindergarten to higher studies to the corporate world, everywhere AI is going to have a bigger impact. There is a whole plethora of projects being introduced on worked on which are employing AI for aiding the educational faculty as well as the students to get the most out of the educational experience. And it will improve learner’s experience by offering the chance to create personalized and adaptive learning features as well.

Personalized Learning

AI is being employed for personalized learning for each and every student. With the employment of the hyper-personalization concept which is enabled through machine learning, AI Tech is incorporated to design a customized learning profile for each and every individual student. Teachers can break down their lessons into multiple study guides, smart notes or flashcards in order to help the students in understanding better. AI is also playing a role in augmenting tutoring and developing personal conversational, educational assistants who can offer them aid in education or assignments.   

Voice-Enabled Assistants

One of the fruitful components employed by educators in learning is voice assistants. It includes Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, etc. All these voice assistants allow the students to converse about their education material or assignments without the involvement of the teachers. And now even various universities and colleges have adopted this technology – they started offering students voice assistants rather than the traditionally printed handbooks or materials. Like, an intelligent tutoring system called Sherlock is used by Airforce technicians to detect electrical system problems in aircraft.

Aiding educators in administrative tasks

As we all are well aware, teachers juggle between multiple tasks at the same time from the work of education-oriented duties to the responsibility of handling the classroom environment and dealing with a variety of organizational tasks. Since half the time of the teachers is invested in non-educational activities, AI systems have been quite a crucial aid in dealing with back-office work. They can also deal with the regular tasks and monotonous paperwork, matters related to logistics as well as personnel issues.

Content Analytics

Educators, content providers and software developers can gain important insights into learner’s progress. They can observe a behavioural pattern of a student and help him or her with the difficulties he/she is facing in a particular topic or a subject.

Universal Access

Artificial Intelligence can make classrooms available to everyone – including learners who understand different languages, who have visual or hearing impairments Like there are some software or video conferencing apps that create real-time subtitles while the tutor/ teacher is speaking something.

What is the future of AI in E-learning?

As multiple education institutions, organizations have started planning of implementing AI in various operations, there are still challenges that need to be resolved. One of the most crucial challenges is to prepare both students and teachers/ tutors to adopt this change. It is important to make students understand AI will automate and perform repetitive tasks.

Like, Artificial Intelligence, based learning systems can be excellent in teaching subjects like foreign languages and mathematics but a human teacher still needs to be there to guide students/ learners on the topics or subtopics, they did not understand like the nuances and exceptions to rules.

How AI education technology is democratizing education

AI in EdTech has a variety of benefits, business, academic and social. AI is helping to make high-quality education accessible to everyone. It allows learners to learn at their own pace. AI-driven solutions answer learner’s questions, recommend similar topics, generate personalized syllabus, and grade assignments. It predicts which students are about to drop out – and provides them with the support they require while making sure the money is not going to escape your business.

AI in the e-learning system that brings positive effects on children. Even though many educators or software developers fear that AI technologies will replace might replace humans. But the truth is Artificial Intelligence will serve as an excellent support system for human experts    

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