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How Personalized IT Service Management can Enhance Enterprise Functioning

IT Service Management is undergoing major transformation and it is time to make it hyper-personalized to ensure improved experiences and operations

IT is one the most versatile and ubiquitous functionalities in any organization. Not only is it a core process, but also an extremely significant support process, that ensures that the other functions shine through with maximum value being delivered to them to function effectively. And for this to actually happen, the IT team often has to take a variety of measures and put in place several strategies, of which is ITSM aka IT Service Management.

What is IT Service Management?

IT Service Management is the art and science of delivering, managing and integrating a set of IT services that are meant to satisfy the organizational requirements. Value is the ultimate outcome which is driven by the right blend of technology, functionalities, strategies and people. IT Service Management ensures that the end user experiences satisfaction and ultimate experience while using the IT service, all the hardware, software, architecture are in place, there is quality of service, the budget is being utilized in an optimized manner, and that the organization is enabled to achieve all its goals in the smoothest way possible.

All of this and more can be achieved if the ITSM is personalized.

The testament to this statement is a product by a leading ITSM provider – Ivanti. Ivanti recently announced Ivanti Neurons for IT Service Management that empowers end users and service desk analysts with interactive neurons for pre-ticket automation that results in reduction of the volume of the tickets into the service desk, increased accuracy of post ticket automation, improvement in the meantime of remediation, and more importantly, delivery of optimal personalized experience. 

IT teams can now offer immediate and personalized experience via automation bots that proactively detect as well as resolve issues.
These bots have the ability to interact with the users in their channel of choice and then provide the most personalized as well as contextualized resolutions, resulting in optimization of the process. 

Adam Holtby, Principal Analyst at Omdi and a deployer of Ivanti says that there has been a mass movement to more hybrid work styles brought about by the pandemic which has resulted in businesses placing great priority on goals such as improving IT support and delivering superior employee experiences. 

Adam further comments, “To modernize support in line with evolving employee needs, IT teams are increasingly looking to new automation and IT management capabilities for help. The latest product enhancements introduced in Ivanti Neurons can help support businesses in overcoming such challenges. Specifically, the unified hardware, software, and cloud asset view that Ivanti Neurons delivers is a compelling capability, as it provides better visibility and data that IT can use to help improve and contextualize support activities. Additionally, the advanced automation functionality and self-healing capabilities have real potential to help improve an employee’s self-service experience, thus reducing the pressure on support teams.”

Ivanti Neurons can preemptively resolve up to 80% of endpoint issues along with reducing the unplanned outages up to 60%.

What are the benefits of personalization of ITSM?

Well, with a smarter ITSM that can enable the devices to self heal and self-secure, it is oblivious that there will be reduction in the down time, and with self-service offerings, user experience enhancements via real-time intelligence will be achieved. Users and IT teams can discover better ways to achieve the desired outcomes and there will be an increase in the productivity of the entire business cycle. All of this will eventually leave your organization and its assets with more time and budget to create value over fixing issues.

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