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How to take your Enterprise up a notch with IoT Data Intelligence

The IoT has opened up many opportunities for businesses. Many business leaders think of IoT initiatives as setting up devices to help them make better business decisions.

Day by day businesses are increasingly dependent on all digital things. During the pandemic, almost all the organizations crafted IoT strategies in hopes of creating intelligent, data-driven products, operations and services. Businesses are more focused on executing full-fledged IoT implementations.

As per the Forrester Consulting and Cognizant resulting report on ‘How companies can escape pilot purgatory and reliably scale their IoT implementations to truly add organization value’  – there are five key levers for quickly moving IoT pilots to scaled initiatives, from most to least impactful factors.

  1. Organizational Enablement
  2. Infrastructure/technology
  3. Integration
  4. Strategy
  5. Data/analytics

On a closer look, data/analytics requires the greatest level of IoT expertise but its impact is only starting to be felt and once the businesses get the other four factors in check, they can connect the dots to data and analytics as well.

Putting IoT Data Intelligence into Use

The key to artificial intelligence has always been the representation. -Jeffrey Hawkins, the American founder of Palm Computing

When companies move beyond collecting data to mining relevant and timely data in operations and services. They can predict from the past understanding what likely to happen in the future. And these predictions help them to make the best possible decisions with the least possible risks. Every enterprise or big business should become this kind of always aware enterprise or businesses, by using usable data from all relevant sources. And businesses should collect and manage the data as well as keep them secure.

A company’s data management strategy will dictate the success of its connected ecosystem.

For instance, imagine a grocery store manager who wants to consider improving the in-store consumer experience. To observe, understand and measure the in-store behavior is a little difficult as compared to fetching data of online purchases. Here, the IoT Data Intelligence helps, it merges the old modes of organized data like records, stocks and RFID tags with news sources like store traffic and online promotions to derive a conclusion of consumer activities.

After reading the output the store manager can make decisions about future endorsements on particular products. It can help with stock maintenance, design and organization of the store as well. 

IoT- The Gamechanger and How?

In the new era of the digital world, every small or big firm using, analyzing and then integrating their data into existing processes in the most meaningful ways they can to have a competitive advantage. Almost all the business sectors are witnessing intense competition globally. So How IoT will become your gamechanger? Can it help you to embrace your business? Yes, it can. From tapping a new market for your business to optimizing operations and boosting business performance, the IoT will help you in reaching a new level. The more organization deploying IoT, the greater is the requirement for Data Intelligence amalgamation with it. IoT Data Intelligence will facilitate the user experience concerning various industries. It will help in predictive maintenance which facilitates avoiding downtime and embrace the operative efficiency based on smart data analysis and visualization. IoT Data Intelligence is an imperative factor for deriving value from IoT deployments and can gain insights from bigger organizations.

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