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Howe Neat, Inc. Wins Startup Competition with IoT Innovation

Local startup goes full-steam-ahead and is looking for opportunities to change the world of IoT

Howe Neat is pleased to be among the winners of the 11th annual Startup Monterey Bay competition, sponsored by the California State University Monterey Bay and the Institute for Innovation and Economic Development.

Daniel Howe entered into the competition and was selected as the winner of the Student Division. His teams’ product, an Internet of Things based waste tracking and sustainability app, developed during his Capstone Project at CSUMB, inspired Daniel to found Howe Neat, in Benicia, CA. Howe Neat is now implementing the business plan developed as a result of the competition.

The waste tracking device, called AMSie Can, stands for Automated Material Separation and integrated equipment. The cloud-connected device sends data to an online application where devices are monitored, and email notifications are sent to groups of users when a bin has become full, or if a trash can lid has been removed and not replaced. This device keeps waste out of the environment by reducing animal scavenging of waste bins. Additionally, the cloud app helps organize and schedule service trips to allow efficient use of time and resources, so that personnel can direct their energy into servicing bins that are full and require emptying or replacing their lids.

Howe Neat is now ready to monitor a wider variety of applications. Companies and public institutions are under growing pressure to reduce operating costs through the automation of tasks with the hope of increased efficiencies. However, there is one big flaw: few companies are connecting the multitude of different IoT hardware and corresponding data in one place. This makes automation confusing and difficult, if not impossible.

“When equipment like a pump or electric motor stops working, this can cost thousands of dollars in lost productivity, not to mention potential damage to equipment. If we can help reduce downtime by proactively alerting users, we will have done our job. It’s like putting out a fire before it even started, and that is huge,” said Daniel. “We have already begun the next steps to making major improvements in the hardware and software. Because the device is so versatile, I believe it will be a perfect fit anywhere preventative maintenance is required, for example, agriculture, and large systems where equipment operations are critical.”

Howe Neat addresses these growing problems with intuitive cloud software and connected IoT hardware that monitors equipment data like battery voltage, and operating status indicators, like operating pressure, for anomalies, and preventative service requirements. When equipment such as a water pump needs service, the software can alert staff to address the problem in advance, saving time, money, and reducing customer frustration.

Howe Neat says they are growing and looking to expand even further. Until now, it has been entirely funded by ambitious first customers, and out of pocket. The startup is seeking potential investors to support and accelerate this new growth as well as talented and versatile engineers. In addition, it is seeking more beta customers looking to monitor critical infrastructure.

Howe Neat, Inc. is a product development company, founded by Daniel Howe, who has over 10 years of experience designing embedded systems. Our robust devices, and cloud server infrastructure, are designed to stand up to demanding industrial applications and provide our customers peace of mind, through frustration-free real-time monitoring of IoT devices. For more information, please contact Daniel Howe

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