Hubble Connected Ushers in a New Era of Emotional AI Tech

The Ecosystem of Products Begins with Prenatal and Expands to service Infants, Children, Parents and Beyond

Award-winning international technology products firm Hubble Connected, is independently launching a new suite of Baby Tech items for parents, infants, children and expecting mothers. Having created and sold over 11 million market-leading baby monitors till-date under various global brands and armed with over 12 years of experience in emotional tech plus being a dad of 3 himself, Dino Lalvani, founder and CEO, set out to disrupt the market by rebranding Hubble Connected with an emotional tether that aims to bring families closer, keep them connected and ensure home & child safety.

Designed by real parents, the brand is using technology to drive innovation in the connected nursery ecosystem. The purpose is to bring peace of mind to parents, no matter where they are and to ensure a smarter, safer, and more connected world. Every product in the line is family and kid friendly, no longer just for parents and built to last for multiple years into childhood.

The current launch line-up includes three products in the growing connected nursery suite, that aim to be a true partner in smart parenting: Nursery Pal Premium, Hubble Dream+, and Nursery Pal Dual Vision. These products are premiering this week in preferred retail stores including Buy Buy Baby and Walmart, with additional outlets to follow. Customers can also buy this range from Hubble’s website

Nursery Pal Premium is born from the desire to create a baby monitor that is a companion to both kids and parents; something that does not exist in the market today. The Touch Screen Parent Unit allows parents to keep an eye on the baby but has also been created with babies in mind. It is loaded with lullabies, stories, audio books and games to keep babies and toddlers entertained.

Infant safety and restful sleep are on the top of every parent’s list. With that in mind, Hubble Connected is launching the Hubble Dream+ – a sleep mat, sensor, and camera bundle that seamlessly report the Heartrate, Breathing Rate, and sleep quality for the baby, all while offering tips and tricks to improve sleep quality in the HubbleClub app. Via extensive user testing, Hubble has learned that sleep insights on the HubbleClub app are what make this product extremely valuable for parents.

Nursery Pal Dual Vision is equipped with dual-lens that act as the two eyes of a parent – its dual-lens is built to enable parents to monitor multiple angles of any room at once. This can be done from the Parent unit or on the HubbleClup app.

Each product in the line will be supported by the newly launched HubbleClub app which provides 24×7 streaming of the video feed, sleep insights, growth tracking and engaging content for parents and an enviable cache of stories and games for babies and kids. The company is investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to power its app platform and leverage technology to bring peace of mind to parents and distinguish themselves from the competition. Parents who want deeper insights and more tools have an option to upgrade to HubbleClub Premium Plan at $4.99/month only.

The company’s vision is aptly captured by their mascot – Hubble the Bear, a warm and friendly teddy bear, designed to care, nurture & protect. Children can read more about Hubble the Bear’s adventures in the children’s book Story of Hubble and in the Touch Series, which is a revolutionary, family friendly parent unit, pre-loaded with games and content for children. Safety is a top priority at Hubble Connected and the devices will also be ISO/IEC 27001 certified to ensure that effective security controls and policies are in place.

“It is exciting to deliver a wave of comfort to our loyal advocates by providing a level of assistance to the families that are paving the way for the next generation,” said Dino Lalvani. “Having a one-month-old baby myself, as well as a one- and four-year-old, I understand the challenges that accompany a child’s development from the start. It is a journey, and we are an ambitious brand that will continue to strive for new and innovative ways to develop the brand as our own kids develop too.” 

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