HubKonnect CEO-Michael Koch, Awarded AI Entrepreneur of Year Award


Technology entrepreneur, Michael Koch, is recognized as the 2022 Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Machine Learning by the Business Intelligence Group. “It’s an honor to be recognized for leading the forefront of artificial intelligence technology and machine learning. As the CEO of my latest venture, HubKonnect, we’ve developed a robust, innovative AI-enabled local marketing platform that enables franchise restaurants to understand local consumer data and our AI brain develops marketing tactics and assets that drive real world business results,” Koch said.

Business Intelligence Group recognizes the best organizations, products, and entrepreneurs who bring AI to life and apply it to solve real business problems. “Over the course of my career, I have successfully built, scaled, and exited four innovative technology companies on a global scale. My relentless dedication to pushing innovation forward in the AI technology sector has made HubKonnect the No. 1 AI-enabled local store marketing platform in the multi-unit retail space today,” said Koch.

As one of the originating pioneers of AI technology, Koch continues to push the industry forward with his AI research arm. “As the Chairman of QSR AI Research Lab, we are continuously developing innovative AI technology that is critical to business success in the restaurant industry. From marketing to supply chain, to operations and human resources, we are continuously developing AI algorithms that synthesize data and identify, enhance, and optimize nearly every part of a business, creating real business growth,” Koch said.

HubKonnect’s award-winning proprietary AI-enabled local store marketing platform is unlike anything in the market. “We firmly believe that HubKonnect is on the trajectory to be the Salesforce for the restaurant industry. In today’s fast changing landscape, it has never been more important for restaurants to engage with their community quickly and intelligently at the local level. As CEO at HubKonnect, I have developed our platform to synthesize local consumer data, and then instantly develop and deploy localized marketing programs for franchise restaurants across the U.S.,” said Koch. 

Under Koch’s leadership, passion, and tenacity, he has pushed AI innovation forward. “My sole focus over the past four years has been developing and delivering powerful artificial intelligence to top global brands in the multi-billion dollar quick service restaurant industry. I’m proud to say that no other technology platform in the market does what HubKonnect offers. Under my direction, we will continue pushing the industry forward to keep our clients on the cutting edge of AI,” Koch said. 

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