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IDC names UPS winner for Best in Future of Operations

Awards recognize digital-first organizations able to achieve operational transformation

International Data Corporation (IDC) today announced UPS was named Overall Winner of the IDC Future Enterprise Best in Future of Operations North America Awards for its “On-road Dynamic Route Optimization and Navigation” (ORION 3.0) project. The annual awards recognize an organization that can rethink the way operations is managed. UPS will be presented its award at a virtual event this fall.

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IDC’s Future of Operations framework emphasizes the importance of building infrastructure and digital capabilities to develop resilient decision making that keeps enterprises tightly aligned with customer expectations and demands. One of the critical aspects of the evolution to resilient decision making is ensuring all the critical data and information is ingested, contextualized, organized, and visualized for key decision makers. IDC’s Best in Future of Operations award celebrates organizations that have successfully made a fundamental shift in their operations model, a lynchpin to effectively scaling digital transformation initiatives.

Best in Future of Operations Award-Winning Project:

Overall winner: UPS: On-road Dynamic Route Optimization and Navigation (ORION 3.0)

Project Details: At the heart of ORION 3.0 is our desire to enhance and optimize our drivers’ ability to do what they do best, provide world-class service to our customers. We do this through providing complete and accurate manifests via automated data flows, navigation to their next stop, and on-road dynamic updates as conditions change. This, in turn, enhances our customer’s experience with more accurate Estimated Time of Arrival updates. When our drivers are more efficient and effective, we save time, fuel, reduce miles driven thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and provide better service to our customers. This solution processes 800+ million messages every day to facilitate on-time delivery of ~21 million packages per day in the U.S. with a significantly reduced cost to serve.

“UPS’s ORION 3.0 exemplifies the importance of embracing a Data-Driven Operations (DDO) mindset in order to achieve operational excellence and resilience,” said Leif Eriksen, research vice president, Future of Operations at IDC. “UPS was the clear winner in the inaugural IDC Future Enterprise Best in Future of Operations North America Awards for its embrace of technology innovations to become more data-driven in its own operations.”

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