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IDENTOS launches new data sharing capabilities with FPX Vale

IDENTOS’ latest FPX version, FPX Vale, features user-led delegation, enriched administrative capabilities, and more

IDENTOS Inc., a leader in digital identity and access management, launched the latest Federated Privacy Exchange (FPX) version of its identity and authorization software API offering as a strong kick-off to 2023.

The FPX Vale version builds on the company’s previous FPX version (FPX Junction), a cloud-based software product that provides fine-grained API authorization and user-centric identity management capabilities. Enabled by and extending User-Managed Access (UMA) 2.0, FPX allows users to safely share their information with trusted digital service partners. This facilitates the efficient flow of data between users and applications benefiting all parties.

“We are proud to release our latest version, FPX Vale. As identity sits at the root of all digital experiences, we are continually pushing the user-centric experience while keeping security and privacy at the heart of everything. We’re thrilled to empower our customers with added flexibility to execute on use cases that are critical today and in the future.” – Alec Laws, Chief Technology Officer, IDENTOS

The highly anticipated FPX Vale version incorporates several capabilities, including User-to-User delegation and new API functions, enabling improved administrative flexibility, user convenience, security, and privacy – critical to sharing personal and sensitive data across digital healthcare, financial, and government services.

FPX Vale key capabilities

  • User-to-User delegation at the wallet – FPX Vale now allows a user to delegate access to another user over certain functions, including consent to share personal information on their behalf. The ability to provide authority over sharing personal information is critically required in healthcare, legal and financial settings where a child, senior, or individual may need the support of their family or trusted party to assume their role in a critical scenario. With FPX Vale, individuals can do so without sharing passwords and avoid compromising security. Moreover, determining connection timeframes and revoking access at any time enables many privacy outcomes.
  • New Admin API to configure Resource Server Adapter (RSA) – Resource Server Adapter minimizes data source onboarding effort through pre-integration to other FPX components and configurable extension points for data and API integrations. FPX Vale offers administrative flexibility and ease of use.
  • New Disable API – FPX Vale allows for entities within the FPX network to now be disabled, using the new Disable API, allowing system administrators to quickly cut-off access to any resource protected by FPX. This provides the administrators complete lifecycle management of ecosystem partners and services.


IDENTOS’ FPX Vale updates are available today to new and existing customers.

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