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In-Situ Extends Software Capabilities with Cloud Connection

In-Situ Inc. has reached a new milestone with the release of VuSitu HydroVu Cloud Connection. The new software feature in the VuSitu mobile app automatically uploads data logs, calibration reports, daily snapshot files and low-flow tests from VuSitu to HydroVu, In-Situ’s data services platform.

In-Situ’s new Cloud Collection will make it easier for scientists, researchers, consultants and engineers monitoring water quality and water level in the field to view and manage data files and calibration reports. Rather than download and email files to their destination, users can simply use the VuSitu app to log into their HydroVu account and files will instantly upload to the cloud, where they can be viewed, managed and shared.

With Cloud Connection, calibrations performed using VuSitu will automatically be stored in HydroVu. Users can quickly access a fleetwide calibration history, and files are easily searchable by keyword, instrument type, serial number and date range. The feature also enables graphing of “offline” data alongside telemetered data and notification of users accessing and/or sending files. And HydroVu keeps all data secure with instant redundant backup.

“We know the most important part of our customers’ work is the data they get from our instruments,” says In-Situ Product Owner Tom Koniuta. “This update makes that easier. VuSitu hasn’t changed,” he adds. “We’ve just added the security of automatic file backup in HydroVu, so customers can trust that all their data will be there waiting for them.”

VuSitu HydroVu Cloud Connection is available to everyone with the VuSitu app for iOS and Android and a HydroVu data plan, including the free tier of service. As the only software feature of its kind in the industry, it’s part of a shared ecosystem of rugged water monitoring instrumentation and intuitive software thoughtfully designed to simplify access to decision-quality data.

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