Infermedica expands its API to include Intake functionalities

Intake Improves efficiency of care while expanding the company’s API capabilities to include AI-driven patient intake workflows, providing hassle-free data transfer

Infermedica, the global AI-powered digital health platform delivering industry-leading solutions for symptom analysis and patient triage, today announces an expansion of its API to include Intake functionalities. The new capabilities of Intake API are an evolution of the company’s Medical Guidance Platform, building on its clinically validated Triage tool. The new API capabilities improve clinician efficiency and personalize the patient experience.

Infermedica’s Intake solution strengthens the patient-doctor connection and reduces costs by allowing faster access to patient data, increasing clinician time spent with the patient and avoiding unnecessary visits, tests and treatments. By decreasing administrative burdens and increasing treatment time, Intake also helps relieve clinician burnout.

“By initiating medical data collection with Intake prior to medical consultations, we enable better visit preparation and improve appointment workflows, with the intent of providing higher quality care,” said Piotr Orzechowski, co-founder and chief executive officer of Infermedica. “Adding Intake API capabilities to the platform marks a major milestone in Infermedica’s growth and momentum in achieving its vision of making healthcare more efficient, affordable and accessible for people across the globe.”

The Intake tool builds on the company’s highly configurable, API-first capabilities and seamless integration into existing technologies. It simplifies data transfers to medical personnel into established workflows and improves patient-physician communication, increasing physician support and patient satisfaction. Using Infermedica’s API, Diagnostikare achieved a 39% increase in operational efficiency measured as the average time from patient intake to closing the patient case.

“Infermedica focuses on building AI-powered tools with clinically reliable data in a highly configurable API. The launch of our Medical Guidance Platform showcased our flexibility in integrating into existing provider workflows. We’re leveraging that flexibility with the Intake process to solve pressing, global healthcare challenges,” said Tim Price, chief product officer at Infermedica.

Intake API is now commercially available for health plans, insurers, employers and telemedicine providers, and it is a trusted solution among providers, patients and national health systems. The company has invested more than 77,000 physician hours into building one of the world’s most advanced medical knowledge bases of diseases, symptoms and risk factors. Infermedica’s platform has an industry-leading 95% engine-accuracy rate and is now being used in more than 35 countries, in 21 languages and has completed more than 13 million successful health checks to date. To learn more about Intake API and the Medical Guidance Platform, please stop by booth #2233 this week at 2023 ViVE Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

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