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Intermap enhances Data Analytics for Airbus-owned UP42

Intermap’s 3D data analytics, software and processing algorithms are now available on the UP42 platform, empowering users with geospatial solutions to solve real-world problems

Intermap Technologies (TSX: IMP) (OTCQX: ITMSF) (“Intermap” or the “Company”), a global leader in geospatial content development and intelligence solutions, today announced the addition of 3D geospatial analytics and processing algorithms on UP42, a geospatial marketplace wholly-owned by Airbus. Intermap has been an established partner with UP42 almost since the platform’s inception, offering high-acuity 3D datasets such as digital elevation models (DEMs). Now UP42 has added Intermap analytics and algorithms, including NEXTWaveTM and its RF Viewshed, which allows users to determine signal strength from a transmitter for any point on the globe, within an area based on transmitter power, antenna gain and loss, oxygen loss, and rain loss.

Intermap will now enable UP42 users to address a variety of previously intractable use cases, including high-resolution microwave link planning and power flux density (PFD) loss modeling for satellite link stations. Intermap’s tools are source-agnostic and can be deployed to analyze any variety or combination of 3D datasets.

Intermap’s collaboration with UP42 helps to bring the benefits of 3D elevation data and analytics to a broader audience of non-expert users across numerous verticals, including agriculture, public infrastructure, orbital space, insurance, transportation, oil and gas, real estate and maritime.

UP42, a startup owned by Airbus AG and an alumnus of BCG Digital Ventures, is a developer platform and marketplace for accessing, building and integrating geospatial products to inform business decisions and build scalable solutions. The platform empowers users to create solutions in many areas, including infrastructure management, geological mapping, forestry, subsidence monitoring, construction planning, resource conservation, land cover classification and contour generation. This one-stop shop enables non-geospatial experts to access and analyze data in one place, without the need for specialized knowledge or tools.

As Intermap continues to make the world simple for non-expert geospatial users, the UP42 partnership brings Intermap solutions to a global and growing customer base.

“We are excited to add Intermap’s geospatial analytics to the UP42 platform. Our customers need data and analysis for their use cases, including monitoring of vital infrastructure projects such as pipelines, powerlines, bridges and railway corridors,” said UP42 CEO Sean Wiid. “Being able to process high-quality 3D data unlocks the real value of the data and it is critical in every phase of infrastructure management, from construction planning to ongoing monitoring of vegetation encroachment.”

“Intermap is the world leader in building source-agnostic 3D geospatial datasets and then creating the necessary algorithms and software applications to integrate all sources and make 3D information available to non-experts, quickly and effectively,” said Patrick A. Blott, Intermap’s Chairman and CEO. “The integration of our next-generation geospatial analytics on the UP42 platform is a new way to partner with Airbus and together enable potential users for 3D analytics and software that lie outside the reach of Intermap’s direct sales force. We remain committed to and excited by this growing collaboration with UP42.”

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