Interview with Revital Libfrand, CMO at odix

Revital Libfrand, CMO at odix – Content Disarm and Reconstruction platform discusses about how to eliminate malware for safe file usage

1. Tell us how you came to be the CMO at odix. How did you approach your first 100 days as the CMO?

My tenure at odix is the culmination of 20 years working in various roles within the Israeli High-Tech community. I have served in a number of positions leading product marketing and analytics teams for telecommunications start-ups, mobile apps, data analytics and cloud-based platforms. With my professional experience it seemed a natural fit for me to join a cyber security start up just beginning to emphasize its cloud offerings and engage with SMBs.  

In my first 100 days, I started the process of unifying our marketing strategy across odix’s on premise and cloud-based solutions. While this is an ongoing endeavour, I feel like odix is seeing the dividends of our initial efforts and really building momentum behind our enterprise and SMB directed solutions. From getting our Horizon 2020 application out and awarded by the European Commission to connecting with trusted players to gain a deeper perspective of how odix brings value to customers, I spent my first 100 days focused on solidifying our brand across every channel possible.

2. What are some of the unique features of odix for malware protection of networks that differentiate you from your competitors? What are some of the industrial sectors that odix caters to?

odix offers malware prevention solutions to SMB and enterprise customers through our range of on premise and cloud-based offerings. As each of these segments contains different players with varying security requirements, we have designed solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Our advantages lie in 4 core areas, chiefly: 

  1. Effective and innovative CDR technology which complements existing security solutions while closing malware gaps in legacy solutions
  2. Affordable price point for both SMB and enterprise users
  3. Click deployment with no on boarding and easy settings capabilities
  4. Minimal on-going operation maintenance so system admins can monitor urgent reports without being overburdened by tiresome and never-ending systems analysis.
3. The COVID pandemic has seen some of the major security breaches for both SMBs and large enterprises. Has this situation though unfortunate, been a wake-up call for several InfoSec businesses to spruce up their cyber security measures?

From what we have been seeing first hand from our customers and heard extensively from the sales team is that we have seen steady growth in demand from companies who are increasing their digital engagement with their customers/ suppliers/ partners. With more employees working remotely, customers and suppliers who engage digitally, the need for heightened cyber security is at a premium and businesses of all sizes are investing in securing their portals networks and critical apps such as email. 

4. What are some common customer pain points and misses that you have seen, which odix helps large and small businesses to overcome?

Customers are facing a real paradox, on one hand, there is no lack of highly rated and used cyber tools out there. On the other hand, many of these advanced security solutions are commonly bypass by newly created or released malware on a daily basis. It’s an uphill battle trying to piece together the right solutions, and price points to meet the evolving security needs of your users. 

At odix, we design Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) based security solutions that work with existing security mechanisms while adding an essential protection layer from malware. Our technology purges zero-day attacks, embedded malicious content and other malware undetectable commonly used security products, to provide end-users assurance that the files they access are safe.

5. odix recently launched FileWall Firewall for Microsoft 365 mail attachments. Will you be extending this to other mail suite services as well?

In the next year, we are very much focused on integrating FileWall’s functionality across the Microsoft 365 suite. Microsoft 365 is a huge community with over 200 million active users so from our perspective there is enough room for FileWall to grow and gain saturation with trusted channel partners, CSP & MSP.

In the coming months, odix is planning to introduce FileWall to additional Microsoft 365 platforms such as Teams and OneDrive. These services will come before we begin to start the integration process with other mail services like G Suite or Yahoo small business.

6. What are some of the challenges SMEs face in securing their businesses and how different are these from those that large enterprises have to deal with?

SMEs are the main target for hackers with over 60% of cyber attacks targeting SMEs. Theoretically, SMEs would head the rising trends and build a more secure cyber security policy to mitigate the risks. While this is a common practice among enterprise customers SMEs have not taken an active approach to prevent malware risk and the data reflects this. There is no doubt that the most significant challenge SMEs have is the lack of resources in both money and knowledge.  With this reality, SMEs can remain vulnerable with their current security systems or purchase services from MSSPs/CSPs to fill the gaps.  

The tides are turning through, and recent studies suggest that 85% of SMEs would now hire a new MSP if it could offer the right balance of cyber security solutions.

7. Can you give us a sneak peek into some of the upcoming product upgrades that your customers can look forward to?

In the coming year, odix looks forward to announcing FileWall Integrations for Microsoft teams as well as for Microsoft one drive. Much like how we have adapted our core CDR technology from the enterprise market to also include SME, we feel the product updates and functionality options that we will announce in the coming year are clear outgrowths of our core service areas and complement our solutions to provide the most value for our users and channel partners.

8. Give 3 important tips that can strengthen an organization’s information security program?

1.Cyber security tools/systems are about understanding and prioritizing risks. They are not meant to be static tools looked over, rather they must be analysed deeply to see what simple steps can be taken to minimize cyber risk

2.Email is the number one attack vector, and by a wide margin. As a result, CISOs must prioritize advanced layers of email protection and look for the best effective technologies against malware and ransomware. Never stop training your employees about new trends and evolving cyber risk. Employees are the lifeblood of any organization, so providing them the skills needed to wade through the sea.

9. How can businesses chalk down their risk management lifecycle and why do they need to review it as they grow?

Protecting businesses from cyber-attacks is an ongoing process that is one of the leading factors in risk management assessments. At odix, we cater our solutions to help businesses prioritize risks and institute the right security solutions for their needs and price point. As there is no size fits all tool to effectively stop the cyber risk, we think it’s critical to build a multi-layered system that integrates legacy products and innovative technology to bridge the security gap.

As businesses grow, their chances of being subject to a cyber-attack expand exponentially.  With the increased chance of data breaches, it is essential that CISO accurately prioritize their weakest points and deploy the right combination of products to prevent long term damage to the company and its security assets. 

10. What is that one area that tech marketers must currently upskill themselves in?

With so many solutions available on the market today there is no room for missteps. For marketers this is especially true, and why it’s so important to speak the language of the customers.

We all know that marketing people are creative and can create a broad range of engagement tools to bring in leads, but without their technical expertise showing in the articles, and marketing collateral they produce the points get lost.

11. What is your go-to-strategy that brings the technology and the human side of marketing together?

Marketing is a combination of art and science, more often than not require the balance of engaging thought leadership and content that builds metrics driven results, either in sales or verified leads. The art is created by the individual and their ability to speak to the customers to draw momentum behind the product offering. The precision metrics are the science that guides the marketing team content and strategic engagement. My go-to-strategy is an optimization of the two, with the aim of crafting the story and produce the marketing collateral that is visually stunning and interesting to readers while also bringing those further down the sales funnel towards purchase or a call with the sales team.

12. Please share a recent piece of content (can be a video, podcast, blog, movie, webinar) you liked that set you thinking about cyber security tech in general?

Although I always look at “professional” content around cyber, I appreciate a lot content that is targeted individuals. This video is a good example for clear explanation what individuals should be careful from. I am also proud in a series of infographics “The lady hacker chronicles” we created at odix to explain in funny and simple way the types of attacks and how to protect against them.

13. What is that one quote that has stayed with you throughout your professional life?

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”
― Steve Jobs

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