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Introducing KR1280V2: 1U server, 32 E1.S SSDs, boosts LLM training I/O

The KR1280V2, a 1U 2-socket high-density server, is ideal for compute-intensive applications like high-performance computing and high-frequency trading. It meets data centers’ low-PUE requirements with advanced cooling solutions, including EVAC heatsink air cooling, cold-plated liquid cooling, and immersion liquid cooling.

KAYTUS, a leading IT infrastructure provider, introduced at ISC High Performance 2024 its high-density computing server KR1280V2. It supports 32 E1.S SSDs, achieving an impressive flash memory density of 512TB in a 1U form factor. Compared to the last generation, KR1280V2 adopts low latency storage and network design, doubling the high concurrency I/O performance for LLM training scenarios, and improving model training efficiency.

This 1U2S flagship server is powered by the latest Intel, AMD, or ARM processors. The KR1280V2 features an optimized cooling strategy to support CPUs with the highest TDP across platforms, without configuration restrictions. It also introduces a novel front I/O configuration, enhancing scalability with 8 PCIe 5.0 expansion cards and improving maintenance efficiency in data centers. The server’s drive tray type has been optimized to offer an innovative storage configuration of 12 front SFF drives, increasing storage density by 20%.

Supports 32 E1.S SSDs without performance degradation, delivering tens of millions IOPS

Powered by 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors and boasting remarkable computing density, the KR1280V2 supports up to 32 all-flash E1.S SSDs directly connected to CPUs within a 1U form factor. This configuration harnesses the full I/O rate of PCIe 5.0, maximizing throughput between CPUs and storage, achieving up to 160GB/s storage throughput. With load balancing across two OCP 3.0 cards, it doubles network bandwidth, catering to diverse data storage and processing needs while enhancing overall computing performance by 60%.

With ultimate flash memory density, the KR1280V2 effectively doubles LLMs’ high concurrency performance

The KR1280V2 achieves tens of millions of IOPS performance in distributed storage scenarios, marking a remarkable 77% improvement. Deploying KR1280V2 servers for large-scale LLMs training ensures a twofold increase in high-concurrency I/O performance compared to the previous generation. As the number of GPUs and workload increases, the KR1280V2’s latency curve becomes smoother and more predictable, demonstrating a notable 13% improvement in data latency also compared to the prior generation. These significant advancements enhance data preparation efficiency, model training, and data management while reducing wasted storage space. Consequently, it delivers robust storage capacity and performance for innovative LLM applications and better supports Java-based business scenarios requiring massive data, low latency, and high concurrency, such as in finance, cloud services, enterprises, and other data center applications.

Optimized cooling technologies and exceptional business reliability and sustainability

In terms of heat dissipation, the KR1280V2 supports multiple cooling methods, including EVAC heatsink air cooling, cold-plated liquid cooling, and single-phase immersion liquid cooling. It achieves an 8% to 12% power reduction through fan partition regulation, one-click BIOS optimization, and other techniques across 17 energy-efficient scenarios. Additionally, the KR1280V2 employs numerous advanced technologies to enhance stability and security. It introduces the exceptional MUPR2.0 early detection memory fault function, which utilizes a more comprehensive memory scrubbing technique to self-check and fix memory faults, achieving a broader range of error correction and a higher level of system protection. Consequently, the system’s downtime rate is 69% lower than the industry average.

To learn more about the KAYTUS KR1280V2 high-density server, please visit the website.

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