ionir Receives Patent for Digital Storage System

Innovation by Kubernetes Container-Native Storage Company Makes Data Storage and Retrieval Easier

ionir announced today the approval of a U.S. patent for its system and method for operating a digital storage system. This patent represents ionir’s core architecture for its container native storage (CNS) technology: a Kubernetes-native, software defined, data services platform.

Current storage systems and methods don’t enable users to store, retrieve or manipulate data in a storage system based on the logical context of the data. Typically, to store or retrieve data in/from a storage system, users will need to specify a reference – such as a file name or physical location like a disc. Most CNS solutions still require complex backup, snapshot and restore. ionir is the only CNS technology that enables instant movement of data to/from any cluster, anywhere – and allows instant access to any point in time.

ionir software is built on a modern microservices architecture, enabling rapid, linear scaling and extensibility. It runs in Kubernetes containers, fully in user space, with no changes to the kernel, and is managed using the same tools and processes as any other Kubernetes application. This approach creates “future-proofing,” as advances in technology are easily incorporated by adding new microservices without disrupting the platform or requiring changes to the broader environment. 

Jacob Cherian, chief product officer, ionir, said: “This patent award highlights the truly innovative method ionir has developed for storing and retrieving data, which has historically been challenging for organizations. Our method offers customers the rapid, linear scaling and extensibility they need in Kubernetes environments where persistent storage and enterprise-class data management are required.” 

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