ioXt applauds FCC’s Commitment to IoT Security Standards

ioXt, the global standard for IoT security, commends the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for its diligent work and commitment to advancing IoT security standards. The FCC’s decision to adopt 16 of the 17 issues advocated by ioXt reflects the agency’s dedication to enhancing the security of IoT devices.

Under the leadership of Chair Jessica Rosenworcel, the FCC has accepted ioXt’s positions on crucial issues, including the need for third-party administrators to verify manufacturers’ self-assessment of products applying for the ioXt Mark, accreditation of test labs based on internationally recognized standards, and clear guidance on product ineligibility based on national security concerns.

One notable outcome is the FCC’s decision on a scoping issue, where it adopted a more expansive position than initially proposed by most in the industry. While this broader scope may pose implementation challenges for some, ioXt is well-prepared to implement these changes, having already certified full IoT products.

Furthermore, ioXt’s involvement in shaping the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) guidance for other product components, such as mobile apps and cloud backends, demonstrates its proactive approach to security standards.

“We commend the FCC and Chair Rosenworcel for their commitment to IoT security,” said Grace Burkard, Director of Operations at ioXt. “These policy wins reflect a shared dedication to advancing IoT security standards and ensuring the protection of consumers and businesses alike.”

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