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ISC2 & IBM collaborate to launch Entry-Level Cybersecurity Certificate

New comprehensive training program on Coursera provides individuals with hands-on cybersecurity experience and in-demand skills to kickstart cybersecurity careers

ISC2 – the world’s leading nonprofit member organization for cybersecurity professionals – announced a partnership with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to launch the IBM and ISC2 Cybersecurity Specialist Professional Certificate. The new entry-level program, available exclusively via the Coursera platform, is designed to prepare prospective cybersecurity professionals for a career in the field. By completing a joint 12-course series, incorporating the domains from ISC2’s Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) certification training, candidates with no previous experience can obtain the in-demand skills and hands-on experience required for a cybersecurity specialist role in four months.

As the provider of the industry’s most widely recognized and sought-after achievements, ISC2 was selected by IBM to support the creation of a professional certificate that demonstrates foundational cybersecurity expertise. Offered as part of IBM’s portfolio of more than 200 online technology degrees and certificates on Coursera, the beginner-level certificate utilizes course content from ISC2’s CC certification training, which has received more than 360,000 enrollments globally.

The new certificate covers the five CC domains, including security principles, incident response, business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DC), access controls concepts, network security and security operations. By earning the certificate from IBM and ISC2, candidates will have built a strong foundation for completing ISC2’s CC certification. Upon joining as an ISC2 Candidate, individuals will receive free access to the CC exam to further support their journey into cybersecurity. Participants will also benefit from an IBM Digital Badge, a portfolio of projects to leverage for interviews and access to resources to help individuals launch their careers.

The demand for cybersecurity practitioners has never been greater. Research shows that the global cyber workforce needs to grow 73% to effectively defend organizations’ critical assets, with the gap between supply and demand reaching 4 million individuals in 2023. The program combines the technical expertise of IBM with ISC2’s cybersecurity specializations to offer the practical skills and knowledge that organizations are seeking in cybersecurity specialists.

“The cyber workforce urgently needs skilled professionals. This partnership enables aspiring professionals to demonstrate technical proficiency and build a solid foundation of skills, helping individuals to get their foot in the door with employers and kickstart their careers,” says ISC2 CEO Clar Rosso, CC. “For IBM and Coursera to recognize the value of our CC certification is hugely encouraging and furthers progress to help close the cybersecurity workforce gap. With a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, participants will emerge ready to face today’s cyber climate and help build a safe and secure cyber world.”

 “With the ever-increasing threats against critical systems and the world’s reliance on technology the demand for cybersecurity specialists is higher than ever,” says IBM Skills Network Director and CTO, Leon Katsnelson. “We are delighted to partner with ISC2 and Coursera in pursuit of our common goal of empowering aspiring cybersecurity professionals with the critical skills for success in this in-demand profession.”

ISC2 offers several courses via Coursera and its global network of partners. Through partnering with trusted training providers around the world, ISC2 ensures cybersecurity professionals at all stages of their careers have convenient access to the most relevant, up-to-date course content developed by ISC2.

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