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iStaging reveals Next Generation MR experiences at VivaTech 2024

iStaging is an innovative Mixed Reality SaaS company driven by computer vision & AI, backed by 10 years of technological development and 100,000 corporate users around the world.

iStaging joined VivaTech this year to showcase its new technological milestones in Spatial Computing, powered by more than 1 million virtual spaces created by its clients. Alongside patented development of specialized features for various businesses such as Retail, Luxury, Smart cities, Mobility, Entertainment and Media, iStaging aims to popularize MR content with the release of XR wearables by presenting XR content.

User-friendly adoption, real-time, cross-device including wearables, autonomy, high scalability, customization and deep integration capabilities are unparalleled competitive advantages that makes iStaging technology unique.

iStaging CEO Johnny Lee mentioned, “When we created iStaging in 2015, it was our vision to experience virtual reality just naturally by raising hands, speaking and moving our heads. I believe that this will come true soon.” He also emphasized, “The 1 million virtual spaces that iStaging has been creating for 10 years will be equipped in XR/AR glasses. Since iStaging possesses all of the rare creativity, technology, and content assets, it will be only iStaging that can make it happen.”

MR content applications related to IP for Entertainment and Media have been successfully initiated by the iStaging Asia team based in Seoul: BizEnter, a Korean entertainment media company in cooperation with iStaging, invited UNIS, DXMON, BEWAVE, ASC2NT, NCHIVE, WOOAH, KINGDOM, TripleS, LEE DONGYEOL, LEO, 82MAJOR, CHUU. They sent a congratulatory message, aiming to start presenting global MR content with K-POP stars.

iStaging has been collaborating with prestigious clients including LVMH and Kering Maisons (Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., DIOR, Chandon, Bulgari, Tag Heuer, YSL…), BNP Paribas, RE/MAX, AECOM, Mercedes, Van Gogh Museum.

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