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IVS Inc.Introduces AI-powered CCTV Solution

IVS Inc., a leader in smart CCTV solutions, announces specialized video and sound analysis technology based on artificial intelligence and deep learning, which can detect and identify abnormal sounds, such as screaming, glass breaking, and explosions, and even broadcast warning messages, commercializing the world’s first CCTV system that can watch, listen, and speak.

The primary function of IVS Intelligent CCTV is the same as the conventional CCTV, which is surveillance. But it’s more than just surveillance. It automatically determines the situation based on video and voice, and responds to the environment in real-time. Video and sound analysis requires complex and advanced software technology. Quality control issues make it even more difficult to apply the technology to different sites. However, IVS has been able to maintain its product quality at various sites with different clients, by subjecting it under numerous self-tests and building a vast video and sound database using AI and deep learning technology.

In a large facility with multiple CCTVs, it’s not easy to detect and identify when an accident exactly occurs. It’s difficult for security personnel to constantly monitor multiple CCTVs, so in many cases, emergencies aren’t detected early, during the ‘Critical Period’, because of human errors.

When abnormal behaviors (intrusion, violence), sounds (screaming, explosion), or disaster events (fire, smoke, high water level) are detected and analyzed by IVS Intelligent CCTV, real-time alerts via various warning methods (SMS, Speaker, Warning light, Siren etc.) will be activated and immediately contact security personnel or the police.

IVS Intelligent CCTV solutions integrate with existing CCTVs that can be set-up as a convenient and easy to use Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS).

After technical preparations, IVS took a big step to the global market in 2020. In May of 2020, the company obtained contracts in Australia and Japan, overcoming global competitors. Regional R&D centers will be established in Singapore, the United States, and Europe for services adapted to local environments including cultures and compliances.

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