Threat Intelligence & Incident Response launches ChatGPT Beta, the incident response and analysis company founded by former Netflix and Slack engineering leader Nora Jones, today announced they have integrated ChatGPT into their platform. Since launching the company in late 2020, the company has been on a mission to facilitate the collaboration between humans and the technical systems they rely on (also known as “socio-technical” systems). Jeli is at the forefront of leveraging the power of large language models (LLMs) to help teams respond to and ultimately learn from incidents, and has now opened up their AI beta to enterprise customers.

“The secret to understanding your incidents is hidden in how you make decisions during them – often that data is overlooked because there is so much of it to sift through,” said Nora Jones, CEO and Founder of “Building ChatGPT into many of our products is a means to help organizations key into where, when, and how certain decisions are being made so ultimately they can improve. ChatGPT and other models today are great at summarizing data and extracting key points out of it – our use of it in Jeli incentivizes incident responders to dig deeper into areas that will yield high return for the organization.”

New AI-Driven Features

Status Updates: The new ‘catch me up’ feature leverages ChatGPT to provide new incident responders with a quick summary of an incident as soon as they join a Slack channel to quickly get them up to speed. It also provides various teams across the organization such as support and customer success with key highlights that they can relay to customers for real-time external communication and status updates.

Narrative Builder: Narrative Builder puts together the story about how events unfolded, using AI to highlight key moments associated with Detection, Diagnosis, and Repair phases of an incident, while surfacing the knowledge possessed by key stakeholders across the organization involved with the incident. Team members can now work alongside Jeli automation to tag, categorize, and edit on the incident timeline created by Jeli.

Jeli leverages failures and system emergencies as a catalyst to help companies understand how they can improve reliability and reduce recurring issues. Since launching, the company’s revenue has increased over 10X and total funding has grown to $19 Million.

The platform surfaces the coordination costs of incidents, builds expertise amongst team members, and generates recommendations to help address problems before they become severe. Jeli also combines disparate systems involved in incident response such as Slack, Zoom, and Jira to surface insights across various incidents for a deeper, yet efficient analysis of what went sideways and how to learn from it.

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