JennyCo Partners With

JennyCo, Inc., a first-of-its-kind healthcare data exchange powered by Web3, has announced that it has partnered with, the leading provider of next-generation DNA sequencing services.

Founded by medical doctors and scientists, JennyCo’s mission is to transform healthcare by putting consumers back in control of their health and data; it is widely known that buying and selling users’ health information is a multi-billion dollar business. JennyCo aims to rectify the inequality in the healthcare data marketplace by supporting individual ownership and privacy of healthcare information by providing direct AI-generated personalized results, and rewards, on a HIPAA-Compliant Web 3.0 Blockchain platform.

Dr. Michael Nova, JennyCo’s CEO and Founder, states, “As oil once was, we believe that data is the most valuable commodity of the current era. By the 2030s, the world will generate around a yottabyte of data per year — that’s 1024 bytes, or the amount that would fit on DVDs stacked all the way to Mars…a full 30% is healthcare data! Conversely, 19.7 % of the US GDP ($6.2 Trillion) is spent on healthcare, with one focus now being digitization and analysis of patient records.”’s DNA sequencing service analyzes between 100% of a person’s genome, while their competitors, including 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritage, analyze less than 0.1% of their genome. This 5,000-fold increase in genomic data provides powerful insights that lead to personalized, actionable recommendations for living healthier, happier, and longer. In addition,’s platform includes the world’s most extensive collection of DNA analysis apps and reports that allow a person to obtain insights into their health, wellness, nutrition, and ancestry.

Dr. Brandon Colby, CEO of, states, “We look forward to working with JennyCo as we bring sequencing to the world. Within the next five years, we expect between 100 million and 2 billion people will have their genomes sequenced. is the first safe, confidential platform for everyone who gets sequenced to store their genome data and transform that data into clear solutions for better health.”

This partnership demonstrates a unique opportunity to provide state-of-the-art DNA sequencing to individuals while also allowing them to capitalize on earning rewards for their health data.’s DNA test kits will be provided to JennyCo users through the JennyCo app, where DNA results may be deidentified and leased to healthcare institutions interested in highly-curated and unique data sets. Additionally,’s Ultimate DNA Test Kit will be provided, free of charge, to individuals who purchase JennyCo’s Genesis NFT (December 8 launch). Nova continues, “We believe that patients do not sufficiently benefit from the personalization of their data, and our partnership with, and other bio-testing labs, will assist in helping correcting this imbalance.”

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