Jimi IoT Showcases Latest Fleet Management Solutions at Two Events

Jimi IoT, a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, recently showcased its latest fleet management solutions at both the Global Sources Consumer Electronics 2023 in Hong Kong and Expo Seguridad Mexico, the largest event for the security industry in South America. Among the products featured were Jimi IoT’s advanced vehicle tracking devices, asset trackers, and the latest addition to its product line, the innovative JC450 Series dashcam.

As the demand for fleet management solutions continues to rise, Jimi IoT has been working diligently to develop products that meet the unique needs of fleet owners. The company’s latest offering includes a range of cutting-edge vehicle tracking devices that provide real-time location information, as well as digital video recorders that offer high-quality video footage for enhanced asset security and personal safety. The fleet management software is designed to be easy to use and provides a comprehensive set of features that allow fleet owners to manage their vehicles and drivers more efficiently.

The JC450 Series is equipped with a high-definition camera that captures clear, detailed footage of the road ahead. It also features advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and headway monitoring and warning. These functions help drivers stay alert and avoid accidents, making the JC450 Series an ideal solution for fleets, taxi companies, and individual drivers.

In addition to its safety features, the JC450 Series also offers a range of connectivity options, including SaaS platform services and GPS positioning. This allows drivers to easily transfer footage to their smartphones or other devices, as well as track their vehicle’s location and speed in real time. The JC450 Series also features a built-in accelerometer, which can detect sudden impacts and automatically save footage to the device’s memory.

“We are excited to launch our new vehicle tracking and management solutions, which we believe will revolutionize the way fleet owners manage their operations,” said Alex Dai, Product Director of Jimi IoT. “Our products are designed with the latest technology to provide reliable and accurate information, allowing fleet owners to make better decisions and improve the efficiency of their operations.”

The Global Sources Consumer Electronics 2023 in Hong Kong and Expo Seguridad Mexico provide a platform for Jimi IoT to showcase its products and solutions to a global audience of industry professionals and potential customers. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, Jimi IoT is committed to delivering high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use solutions that help its customers succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

Other Jimi IoT products that have been showcased at the exhibitions include:

LL303 – a cutting-edge asset tracker that utilizes the latest GPS and IoT technologies to provide accurate and reliable tracking of valuable assets. It is equipped with a Cat M1/NB-IoT module for fast and efficient data transmission, and features various Bluetooth accessories for flexible function expansion. With its compact design and IP67-rated enclosure, LL303 is ideal for tracking a wide range of assets, including containers, trailers, and equipment, giving businesses real-time visibility and control over their valuable assets.

VL802 – a powerful vehicle tracker with real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities, using fast Cat M1/NB-IoT networks. Its multiple I/Os allow for easy customization and advanced features such as geo-fencing and speed alerts enhance fleet management. Whether you are managing a small fleet of vehicles or a large-scale operation, VL802 is the perfect solution for all your tracking and monitoring needs.

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