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Jinglz Launches Online Public Offering As They Roll Out New AI-powered Emotion Detection Platform

The market for Emotion Detection and Recognition technology is growing rapidly to a projected 20.4 billion dollars in 2021.  Jinglz, an emerging EDR tech startup that first began developing ad tech for mobile devices that utilizes facial detection to guarantee ad views, has just launched a new Online Public Offering to seek investors.  This comes on the heels of rolling out their new EmotionTrac™ platform for measuring audience reaction to video content.

“When we first began development on our VeriView ad technology, it was all about using facial detection to verify when a user is truly engaging with mobile ad content,” commented CEO Aaron Itzkowitz.  “But we always knew that there was a next step, and that was to analyze a user’s facial expressions to recognize their emotional response to what they’re seeing.”

Marketing agencies and advertisers have faced an uphill battle for viewers’ attention as they compete with the growing amount of video content a viewer sees every day.  For major brands, political groups, and massive advertising campaigns like those used to promote new Hollywood films, there is a growing risk of squandering budgets by distributing ineffective content.  The EmotionTrac™ platform from Jinglz is the answer to this problem.

For decades, those markets have used traditional focus groups to try to gauge the response they’ll get from their target audience.  According to a recent Vox article, that model poses significant problems as respondents aren’t always honest.  What’s more, in the age of COVID-19, getting large groups of strangers into a room raises significant health risks.

The EmotionTrac™ platform from Jinglz enables companies to build and deploy on-demand focus group tests that are delivered remotely online.  It uses machine learning to recognize each viewer’s emotional reaction to the video content they’re shown, second-by-second, and provides quantitative data that can drive decisionmaking and help producers improve the effectiveness of their content.

Jinglz is seeking investment from accredited and non-accredited investors through the SEC-regulated offering they’ve just launched on the Netcapital funding portal.  They’ll use the funds raised to help expand their marketing and sales activities and begin pursuing revenue.

“Our offering is a chance to invest in a company at an early stage that is pursuing a market with massive potential,” says Itzkowitz.

Since 2016, Jinglz has demonstrated progress in developing its technology and products as it raised money from private investors.  Their last Online Public Offering closed in 2018, and since then, only accredited investors have been able to participate.

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