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Jinglz’s CampaignTester Signs Emmy Winner to Test EmotionTrac

The Florida-based AI tech startup, Jinglz, has signed an annual agreement with 6-time Emmy winner Gary Yordon, of The Zachary Group, to test the firm’s new video content on their AI-powered platform at The platform utilizes the company’s EmotionTrac technology to recognize viewers’ emotional responses to video content.

Customers like Yordon use the platform to build and deploy tests to sample audiences via the CampaignTester website and the integrated mobile app.  With the participant’s permission, their facial expressions are analyzed via webcam while they view the content and their emotional response is measured second-by-second as the video plays aitechpark news.

Jinglz CEO, Aaron Itzkowitz, commented on his company’s latest client acquisition saying, “We launched CampaignTester last year as our first EmotionTrac enabled product, and we’re very pleased that veteran producers like Mr. Yordon see the immense potential it can offer for content creators.  In an era when traditional live focus group testing simply isn’t an option because of public health concerns, expense, reliability, and time constraints, CampaignTester offers producers and creators an on-demand solution for gathering valuable data before they sink big budgets into distribution.”

TV Host and Producer Gary Yordon have directed the design and marketing for more than 200 local, state, and federal campaigns. In addition to being an award-winning columnist for Gannett Newspapers and a retired public official, he now produces media for corporate and non-profit clients via his production company, The Zachary Group.  “It’s much more difficult to engage an audience than in years past,” said Yordon.  “Viewers’ attention is being commanded from so many different channels now that it makes the stakes for distribution especially high.  I see CampaignTester as an opportunity to improve the effectiveness of my production company’s content while also delivering valuable insights to our clients. I’m excited to get started.”

Founded in 2016, Jinglz develops technology solutions for content producers, advertisers, and marketing agencies to improve engagement and measure emotional response.  Their EmotionTrac technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize human emotion through facial expression analysis.  The market for Emotion Detection and Recognition is projected to reach more than 20 billion dollars in 2021.  After successfully completing development last year of CampaignTester as their first EmotionTrac enabled SaaS solution, Jinglz launched an Online Public Offering on the Netcapital funding portal.  The SEC-regulated offering allows both accredited and non-accredited individuals to invest in Jinglz, Inc.  Netcapital is hosting all offering details and terms as well as processing all investment transactions on their portal at

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